Ariana Grande Claps Back at Bullies: Pete Davidson Does NOT Have Butthole Eyes!

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News that Ariana Grande is engaged to Pete Davidson was greeted with shock and confusion by many of the singer's fans, and not only because Pete popped the question just a few weeks into the relationship.

Part of the surprise stems from the fact that Ariana and Pete are products of two very dissimilar cultures.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Funny Faces

The worlds of comedy and pop music are quite different, to say the very least.

Whereas Ariana has spent her adult life surrounded by adoring fans and yes men (some of whom have been known to literally "carry her like a baby"), Pete hails from a world in which clever putdowns are considered the highest form of praise.

Previously, both Ari and Pete pretty much stayed in their lanes and dated people within their career fields.

Now that they've branched out, they'll both need to make some adjustments -- and it seems like the process hasn't exactly been painless thus far.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson at the VMAs

If you're the type of young man who spends a lot of time plotting creative revenge porn plots against your ex-girlfriends or defending Tom Brady's right to make out with his son, then you're probably familiar with Barstool Sports.

If you're not familiar, the fact that Vanderpump Rules star and cartoonish embodiment pf dudebro douchiness Jax Taylor is weirdly obsessed with Barstool should tell you all you need to know.

Anyway, the "Sports" part of the name is pretty much a loose suggestion, and the bro-bloggers of Barstool comment on a wide range of topic.

While the site's signature brand of trash-talk is mostly harmless -- and occasionally pretty amusing -- it's attracted some pretty bitter enemies over the years -- most recently, Ariana Grande and her entire fan base.

Cazzie David and Pete Davidson with Cotton Candy

Barstool staffer Chaps recently published an article entitled “Does Pete Davidson Have Butthole Eyes?”

You can guess where his musings went from there.

Chaps certainly isn't the first to observe that Davidson's deep sockets lend him the bedraggled appearance of an extra on Breaking Bad.

But he might be the first to make such a vivid comparison.

Pete Davidson at the VMAs

Less than thrilled with the allegation that her fiancee is rocking a pair of anuses where his peepers should be, Ariana immediately shot back at Bartsool.

“Y’all do kno this man has an auto immune disease ...... right ? ..... like you do understand what you’re doing when u do this right ? jus wanna make sure,” the singer tweeted in response to the article.

Grande is referring to the fact that Davidson suffers from Crohn's disease.

But while her choice to stick up for Pete may be admirable (though it would be more admirable if he stuck up for himself, tbh), Ariana's knowledge of her dude's condition is a bit lacking.

Pete Davidson Pic

Several medical experts have spoken out about her claim (this is 2018, folks!) and each has confirmed that there's no reason Crohn's should affect the appearance of Pete's eye sockets.

So Ariana might want to read up on Davidson's ailments.

And more importantly, she might want to learn how to take a joke.

Pete is an NYC-based comic, after all.

It's a world that requires a thick skin and next-level ability to laugh at one's self.

Ari doesn't necessarily need to be in on the joke, but she certainly needs to let Pete fight his own battles, lest she do damage to the reputation he's worked so hard to build.

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