Sarah Hyland Flaunts Surgical Scars, Bikini Body in New Pics

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Last month, Sarah Hyland was torn from work against her will and hospitalized for an unknown health issue.

Without getting too specific about what went wrong, she was direct with fans that she had faced a serious health crisis.

Now, she's clearly feeling better -- and is showing off her surgical scars in a bikini. Well, half a bikini.

Sarah Hyland on July 4 2018

Wednesday was the Fourth of July, and Modern Family star Sarah Hyland had more to celebrate than just her independence.

After her recent hospitalization from a health scare, Sarah had to take it easy.

In fact, she was only recently given permission to return to the gym for her fitness regimen.

So finally getting to party with her friends must have been a relief.

Hyland showed off only a few images. In them, she was wearing a bikini (sometimes only half of a bikini).

And, in her Instagram stories, Hyland gave fans an up-close view of her surgical scars.

Sarah Hyland and Her Scars

"#scarsondisplay" she writes.

This shot of her body, including her flat and incredibly toned abdomen, shows off some of those scars on her lower torso.

As a young child, Hyland was diagnosed with kidney dysplasia.

This is a problem that begins with a malformation during fetal development in which the kidney is a series of cysts of various sizes.

As a result, she has had numerous surgeries over the course of her life -- and received a kidney transplant from her father in 2012.

She is also on both anti-rejection medications and steroids, which makes it difficult for her to gain muscle mass -- or weight of any kind.

Sarah Hyland Gets Candid

She also shared a more casual, less up-close-and-personal photo of herself in a bikini, apparently from before she snapped the glimpse at her scars.

"Actual candid before a ‘photo,’" Hyland writes.

In direct sunlight, her scars are less visible.

Most, when looking at this photo of the 27-year-old actress, would just take in that she has an incredible bikini body.

Oh, and that her whimsical pineapple-shaped drink is a delight.

Sarah Hyland Shares Selfie

Sarah Hyland opened up about having to quit filming on June 18 for a short while under doctor's orders.

She has had to be put on bedrest in the past, but has sometimes filmed Modern Family during those periods. This time, she had to step back from work for a hospitalization..

"Sometimes a selfie is more than just a good angle and feelin cute," Hyland wrote.

"This time for #nationalselfieday I’ve decided to share my truth," she continued. "As painful as it is."

"So here is my face that was torn from work against my will. But I’m very grateful it was," Hyland clarifies. "Health should always come first."

She's right!

She also credited her precious dog with warning her that she needed hospitalization.

Sarah Hyland at Home

After Hyland shared her hospitalization with the world, Wells Adams spoke up on Instagram.

"I miss this one a lot," he wrote. "Coming home soon baby!"

He was apparently filming Bachelor in Paradise at the time.

Adams and Hyland went public with their relationship last Halloween, when they unveiled their Stranger Things costumes. Adorable.

It is so nice to see that Sarah Hyland was feeling well enough to party with her friends this week.

She should be proud of her incredible body. Her scars are part of that. They show how much she has endured and survived.

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