Khloe Kardashian Alleges That Tristan Thompson is a Great Dad

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We know that Tristan Thompson is very good at rebounding a basketball.

He's also very good at plowing random Instagram models while his girlfriend is going through various stages of pregnancy.

But Khloe Kardashian would like us to know something else about the controversial power forward:

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on SnapChat

He's also a good... father?

Really, Keeks?!?

The reality star really does claim as much, writing on Snapchat Friday in regard to her first day back on the job at her clothing brand Good American.

“I’m very grateful because Tristan is being a great daddy and he has done all the feedings while I’ve been gone."

There are a couple ways to react to this statement:

1. Feeding one's child does not make one a great daddy. It just makes one a daddy.

2. LOL, yeah, right, Khloe.

Cradling True

The reality star will need to forgive members of the public who aren't exactly buying what she's trying to sell here.

Thompson also have an 18-month old son with Jordan Craig and has made it rather clear over the years that Tristan has never really been there for this toddler.

Might he have changed his ways?


But the way he's acted when it comes to Khloe and other women makes us think otherwise.

It seems more likely that this is part of The Tristan Thompson Redemption Tour.

Over the past few weeks, Khloe has talked candidly about staying with her baby daddy, while Kendall Jenner has gone on a double date with him and Kim Kardashian has unblocked Thompson on Instagram.

Thompson, meanwhile, has shared multiple pictures of his child in an attempt to prove that he has, at the very least, met her.

Elsewhere, Khloe made headlines over the weekend for putting an awful troll in his place on social media.

On Friday, the 34-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star fired back at an idiot who Tweeted:

"Is it just me or is @khloekardashdian baby, True, not cute at all?"

We could think of plenty of responses to this asinine remark ourselves, but we'll let True's mother handle it.

"What self-respecting adult would even comment on a child's appearance?" Khloe wrote in response, adding:

"What type of disgusting human being are you? It's pathetic that you are this miserable in your life."

Baby True Thompson

After a follower agreed that this comment was "vile," Khloe agreed and concluded of the person who made it:

"She’s a loser for that. No respect for people like that.

"People are entitled to their own opinions and feelings but why on earth would you tweet that and if you must why would you tag me?"

Those are both excellent questions.

The Tweet has since been deleted and the user's account has been made private.

Both Khloe and Tristan have taken more and more recently to posting photos and videos of their daughter, such as the snapshot you see above.

You can think what you want about their relationship and you can definitely insult Thompson in whatever way you see fit.

But True is a baby and clearly a precious baby at that.

Leave her out of this.

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