June Shannon Posts Epic Throwback Swimsuit Pic After Regaining 25 Pounds: See it Now!

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Mama June Shannon's total body tranformation has hit a bit of a snag. She's regaining weight because she's going blind.

Even as she has the confidence to strip down to lingerie, she's also sharing a throwback swimsuit photo from when she was much larger.

Remember June's Baywatch-inspired photoshoot? You're about to take a walk down memory lane.

June Shannon Smiling

June shared this photo to thank the Durham woman who did her nails, but she's shared other pics ... including a major throwback photo.

First and foremost, Mama June wants to celebrate: "Happy 4th of July America‼️"

Even though she's in the middle of a fight to retain what's left of her eyesight, she still took the time to give a shoutout on the Fourth of July.

"I remember when I took this picture," she writes.

The throwback image that she shares is of her Baywatch-inspired swimsuit modeling.

Take a look:

June Shannon Baywatch Throwback

She's lost a lot of weight since then but, as she explains when she provides the context, she had already made huge progress on her body transformation.

"I had just lost 60lbs," June shares. "And felt great about myself."

Awww, good for her!

Remember, progress is progress, and everyone has a right to feel good about their body's shape -- no matter what societal standards might say.

"I’m still proud of this pic and myself for coming so far," June says.

"Regardless if I gained a few pounds back," June concludes. "I’m still beautimess! "

June Shannon in Underwear

It's unclear if she's attempting to spell beautimous, a play on words with beautiful, or if she is poking fun at herself for being both a beauty and a mess.

Either way, she has a great and very healthy-sounding attitude about the whole and breadth of her weight loss journey.

Some folks reach their weight goals and never look back. Some even burn their "before" photos and pretend that it never happened.

June is being honest with herself and her fans -- who remember her before her total body metamorphosis.

And, as she mentioned, she has gained back some of the weight.

June Shannon Tries to Seduce

Mama June has had to undergo a series of eye surgeries to prevent her from going completely blind in her one remaining good eye.

While doing so, she has relocated to Durham, North Carolina so that she can undergo treatment at Duke Hospital.

But, as anyone who has undergone a health crisis can tell you, it takes up all of your energy, time, and focus.

It is very difficult to continue focusing on maintaining your weight loss when you have to spend a lot of time resting to preserve your eyesight.

And with time spent recovering from surgery, you can just forget about keeping up with your daily exercise routine.

June has had six surgeries in as many months. It is totally natural that June has regained a few pounds.

June Shannon Knows Her Worth

Little setbacks are almost guaranteed after massive weight loss. The human body is very good at storing energy and regaining lost weight.

As Sugar Bear's wife Jennifer Lamb undergoes her own weight loss journey, that is something that she should keep in mind.

(You know, if she goes through with it)

But June has shown that she can lose weight already. Losing a few more pounds shouldn't be too much trouble -- when she's ready.

Right now, she needs to focus on her eyesight. Which is much more important than her shape.

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