Jenelle Evans Endangers Son's Life in Horrific New Video

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Jenelle Evans ... doesn't the girl ever need a break from being just the absolute worst?

Like, shouldn't there be at least a few days out of the year when she goes "Man, maybe I should just chill today and take some naps instead of actively trying to make myself look like the biggest jackass in all the Carolinas"?

Peace, Jenelle Evans!

You'd think so -- it really does seem like it would be tiring -- but you'd think wrong.

Jenelle has proven time and time again that she has the stamina and the know-how to be awful every minute of every day, and with this new little scandal, she's doing just that.

See, there's been a whole lot of focus on her pool lately, what with all the talk about her lack of a pool fence and the possible legal ramifications she may face for being dumb about it

There's also been a whole lot of focus on Kaiser, what with the most recent round of abuse allegations and CPS investigations.

So considering that, it just makes sense that Jenelle would feel like sharing a video featuring both Kaiser and the pool, both perfectly safe, would be the thing to do.

But alas, it was not, because Jenelle shared this video instead.

The video shows Kaiser jumping into the shallow end of the pool, without a life jacket or floaties or an adult catching him.

In her caption, Jenelle explained that "Now that Kaiser can swim, he loves to throw in his toys and dive!"

Which is sweet, and we're glad he seems to be having a good time, but still, the video is just a little bit terrifying.

Kaiser is clumsy in his diving -- you know, because he just turned four -- and the way he jumps in, it really looks like he could be badly hurt.

And while David Eason is creeping nearby, it still looks like the poor kid flounders a little too long before working his way back up to the surface.

Maybe we're making a big deal out of nothing though, right?

Jenelle Evans Lounges

Maybe this is just how lots of people get their kids feeling comfortable with swimming.

But if we're wrong about how scary this is, then most of the commenters on the video are wrong too.

"How deep is that?" one of her followers asked. "Cause I just saw an almost broken neck there. Jesus Christ."

"Probably be a good idea not having him dive straight down at the shallow end ..." another person pointed out.

Many, many people told her that he shouldn't be diving straight down at the shallow end of the pool, and several insisted that he could have broken his neck, too.

The video even earned some criticism from her actual fans -- one wrote "Normally I would think everyone was just being a crybaby but that jump did make my heart sink. Sorry!"

Jenelle Evans, Weight Loss Lollipop

"I'm not one to really care what someone else is doing with their own child, but this made me say 'OMG' out loud," another normally chill person told her.

This outrage was enough for Jenelle to do one of her traditional early morning Twitter rants, so you know it hit home.

Over there, someone tried to tell her how dangerous diving into the shallow end is, but you know she didn't listen.

"Yeah so let me have Kaiser dive in the deep end where he can't swim?" she responded. "You need to recheck your common sense."

It was suggested that perhaps she didn't let him dive in at all, but she said "Why not?! We are scuba divers... why wouldn't we want Kaiser to learn that?! Wow, lol."

Jenelle and Kaiser Birthday Pic

And then when a follower said that perhaps Kaiser should learn to swim better before getting into diving, she replied "Lmfao he knows how to swim...."

Which is funny, because just a few minutes before that she said that he couldn't.

She finished her little rant with "Not arguing with y'all at 6am," even though that's what she'd been doing, and she deleted her tweets.

Classic Jenelle, right?

Look, whether you love her or love to hate her or hate to hate her but still can't quite look away, this is all ridiculous, right?

But hey, that's our girl!

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