Jenelle Evans Ditches Her Son on His Birthday, Gets Roasted on Instagram

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Anyone who watches Teen Mom 2 knows that Jenelle Evans is a bad mom.

After all, this is a woman who talks about receiving 20 visits from CPS in the space of a single year like it's an irritating inconvenience every parent can relate to.

Jenelle Evans with her kids

But in a way, Jenelle's shoddy parenting has become a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Sure, there are times when she really messes up, such as when the many occasions on which she left prescription pill bottles within reach of toddlers, but there are also times when Jenelle is criticized simply because of who she is.

Take, for example, the latest Evans-related mini-scandal. 

On Friday, Jenelle's youngest son, Kaiser, celebrated his fourth birthday.

Jenelle posted the photo below on Instagram along with a caption reading:

"#HappyBirthday Kaiser! Big Number 4! Hope you had an amazing day. I had so much fun with you!"

Jenelle and Kaiser Birthday Pic

Seems harmless enough, right?

Unfortunately for Jenelle, she also posted a second photo of Kaiser's big day, and this one sparked outrage among some of her Instagram followers.

As you can see in the pic below, Jenelle accompanied Kaiser to daycare on his birthday.

As In Touch Weekly points out, several fans took issue with the fact that Jenelle didn't keep her son at home.

In fact, some went so far as to accuse her of ditching her son, even though she very clearly joined in on the classroom celebration.

"He’s in daycare, so her husband David [Eason] doesn’t have to deal with him and that’s the kind of mom she is," wrote one such follower.

Jenelle Evans and Kaiser at Daycare

Now, this is the extremely, extremely rare case where we actually side with Jenelle, so we were pleased to see that while a few haters continued to hate, most of the comments were in support of her decision to take Kaiser into daycare:

"I don’t agree with half the things Jenelle does, but come on," one wrote defender. 

"Every kid LOVES going to school on their birthday." 

"Give her a break," remarked another fan.

"The same reason why my daughter went to daycare for her second birthday, so she could celebrate with her friends!"

"It's good for a child to be at school," a third parent chimed in.

Jenelle Evans Family Selfie

"My four-year-old went to Pre-K on her birthday, and I brought in cupcakes and party supplies, then had a family birthday on the weekend. They love school at that age."

Folks, this is a very promising situation.

Maybe Jenelle will realize that it feels good to actually have people defending her actions.

Perhaps she'll realize that it's pretty nice not being considered the worst mom on reality TV, and maybe the realization will lead her to turn over a new leaf.

Just kidding, this woman loves playing the villain.

She'll be posting videos of Kaiser firing an AR-15 before lunch. Bet on it.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of what a truly atrocious mother Jenelle really is.

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