Farrah Abraham Gets Drunk Out of Her Mind, Especially at Barry's, Friend Claims

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Last month, Farrah Abraham was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel after allegedly attacking a male staff member.

The former Teen Mom OG star was intoxicated at the time of the incident, and now, a longtime associate is claiming that Farrah is hammered more often than not these days.

Farrah Abraham, See-Through Lingerie Picnic

You might remember Phoebe Price from ... well, we're not really sure what the hell she's known for.

According to IMDB, she's an actress with credits in such cinematic classics as Shoot Me! and Stripperland.

So basically, her life sounds like a Troy McClure joke from The Simpsons, and that's good enough for us.

Anyway, Phoebe apparently does appearances with Farrah from time to time, and they run in the same sad social circle, so Ms. Price has witnessed quite a bit of bonkers behavior over the years.

Phoebe Price Is Ready For Thanksgiving

“You know, I was not surprised at all,” Phoebe said of Farrah’s arrest in a recent interview.

“Because this is what, like the sixth run in with the Beverly Hills Police?” 

Yes, it seems Farrah has managed to conceal quite a few brushes with the law.

Phoebe is more than happy to share the details, but unfortunately, it's tough to tell just what the hell she's talking about.

"She almost got arrested up here at Barry’s,” Phoebe claimed.

Farrah Abraham on the Red Carpet

“He decided not to press charges. That’s the only reason that she didn’t go to jail that night.”

It seems that no one is quite sure who or what Phoebe is referring to when she says "Barry's," but whatever the case, some serious sh-t went down at the residence or place of business that's owned by or named after Barry.

Anyway, Farrah's troubles go well beyond the incident at what might have been Barack Obama's house.

Price went on to talk about the time Farrah's car got stolen and the cops couldn't be bothered to investigate, as they've long ago written Farrah off as the town drunk.

Farrah Abraham Red Hair

“The Beverly Hills Police would not do anything about it,” Phoebe said.

“So, I really think they have a grudge against Farrah. But, I know when she drinks, she’s outta control, and after the Barry’s incident, she said she was going to stop drinking."

She added:

"And, you know, Farrah needs to get help.”

Farrah Abraham Whines

Yes, obviously Phoebe is not the first to point out that Farrah is in desperate need of professional help.

But she seems to know more about Farrah's rampant boozing than the rest of us do.

Could her love of the sauce be the cause of all of Abraham's erratic behavior?

Probably not, as we're pretty sure Farrah is insane even when she's stone sober.

But yeah, dousing that bonkers brain in a daily gallon of Chardonnay probably isn't helping the situation.

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