Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson: Getting Married In TWO WEEKS?!

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There are couples who move too fast, and then there's Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande.

Either Pete and Ariana cheated on their exes with one another -- which seems very likely -- or they've only been dating out for about three months.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Affection

In either case, they should probably let the dust settle a bit before they tie the knot, as there are few things in life that take as tremendous a toll as divorce.

But if you've been following this whirlwind romance, we probably don't need to tell you these two have no intention of getting to know one another a little better before making it legal.

Grande and Davidson made it clear pretty much from the very start that they have no time to waste when it comes to racing for the altar.

So it should come as no surprise that the wedding planning is reportedly already underway.

And fans think they've pinpointed the exact date of the couple's big day.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Funny Faces

Pete recently bestowed upon Ariana an incredibly meaningful present -- a necklace with the FDNY badge of his late father, who was killed during 9/11 rescue efforts.

The number on the badge is 8418, and both Pete and Ari have the digits tattooed on them in honor of Pete's dad. 

(Side note: We're guessing there's an inverse correlation between the number of matching tattoos a couple gets and the length of their relationship, but that's a conversation for another time.)

The number is so significant to Davidson and Grande that many fans are now convinced the couple will tie the knot on August 4 -- just two weeks from this Saturday.

It sounds crazy but then again, so does everything else about this relationship.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Harry Potter

Neither party has confirmed or denied the rumor, but this could be a situation in which their silence speaks volumes.

After all, Pete speaks out on pretty much every rumor about his personal life that comes down the pipe.

Take, for example, the controversy over his dad's badge.

Pete broke up with Cazzie David just weeks before going public with his relationship with Ariana.

Davidson is very big on the grand gesture, so he and Cazzie also have some matching tatts.

And David also wore Pete's dad's badge on a necklace.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

When fans called him on the re-gift, however, Pete was quick to blurt out an explanation:

“actually i didn’t give that to my ex. yes she had one but it was a replica,” he replied to one fan.

“I had a bunch of replicas made,” he continued. “my sister and grandpa also have one. the one that ari has is the one my dad actually died in and the one [he] wore his entire career and the one i’ve worn for 17 years.

"i’ve actually never taken it off other than for snl or work. so it means a lot of me. hope this helps. please learn to be nicer and not to assume the worst in people.”

Woof. Look, Pete can do whatever he wants with his dad's badge, and we're pulling for these two as a couple.

Pete Davidson on SNL

But the speed with Pete goes from zero to pissy toddler when defending this relationship doesn't bode well for the future.

Folks who are secure in their relationships tend not to give a sh-t what others think about it, ya know?

For further evidence of this phenomenon, go to your Facebook and find the couple that posts the most cheesy, Hallmark-ass memes.

Now count the days until their ugly breakup.

Anyway, best of luck, you crazy kids!

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