Pete Davidson Already Has TWO Ariana Grande Tattoos!

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are dating and ... we wish them all of the happiness in the world. They're both great.

Ariana recently destroyed the claim that she somehow "caused" Mac Miller's DUI by breaking up with him -- and was also accused of leaving MillerĀ for Davidson.

But clearly, these two are enjoying each other's company and their budding relationship. So much so that Pete Davidson has gotten two Ariana tattoos.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

After Ariana's powerful performance at the Billboard Music Awards, she and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson were spotted backstage looking very cozy.

They later took to Instagram to make things a little more official than some secondhand sightings.

Honestly? This relationship is great news.

They're both 24, they're both hot, they're both recently out of other relationships, and they both deserve all of the happiness in the world.

And though they've only been an item for a few weeks, Pete Davidson is already getting himself inked for Ariana.

Pete Davidson, Dangerous Woman Tattoo

Tattoo artist London Reese shared this photo -- with comments disabled, captioning it:

"We had a good night."

As you can see, Pete Davidson has a tattoo of the bunny ears mask behind his ear.

The black bunny ears mask was an accessory on Ariana's Dangerous Woman tour and became a symbol for her and for her tour.

(Of course, he'll have to lean over for Ariana to see it -- did you know that their height difference is fifteen inches?)

The thing is ... that isn't even the only new tattoo in Ariana's honor that Pete is sporting.

Take a look:

Pete Davidson with Ariana Grande's Initials on His Thumb

Unless Pete Davidson is just really excited about Academically Gifted programs at elementary schools or is planning on running for Attorney General and forgot to tell anyone ...

... We'd say that "A.G." stands for Ariana Grande.

Now, some may look at Pete's tattoos and say: "Whoa, there, slow down!"

Because their relationship is still very new.

But not everyone treats tattoos with the same level of deliberation. Pete is known for his impulsive tattoo-getting.

Remember, folks, he once got a direwolf tattoo before ever watching Game of Thrones. He just thought that they were cool.

Speaking of cool tattoos, one of his other famous tattoos is of Hillary Clinton. He has tons of tattoos and he tends to just ink himself with stuff that he likes.

It's his flesh prison and he can decorate it however he likes, folks.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Harry Potter

Ariana and Pete showed that they were profoundly relatable by sporitng some Harry Potter House Pride.

It is no surprise to anyone that Ariana is a Slytherin. She's cunning, ambitious, and fiercely loyal to those whom she loves.

(If you're looking for other celebrity politicians who are Slytherin role models but aren't politicians, look no further than Kris Jenner, Nate Silver, or Taylor Swift)

Some were surprised to learn that Pete is a Gryffindor.

But sometimes, people's image of a Harry Potter House is a little skewed by familiar characters.

My friend has a test for Gryffindors: Could you envision Pete Davidson, when he was a high school student, yelling at a teacher? Yes. He's a Gryffindor.

What's really significant about this photo isn't their House affiliations; it's just that they have shared interests and are happy to express them.

Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, and Wil Sylvince

It's possible that Ariana and Pete could part ways in a week or two. It's also possible that they could stay together for years.

No one knows the future.

But Pete getting a tattoo doesn't mean that he thinks that something will last forever. Even tattoos don't really last forever without upkeep.

Ariana means a lot to him, and this new relationship is already an important event in his life. It makes sense that he wants to commemorate this.

Congratulations to Pete and Ariana!

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