Lauren Swanson Flaunts Short Skirt, Stuns Duggar Nation

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It's been three months since Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson got engaged, leading fans wondering when the inevitable wedding will take place.

Thus far, the betrothed couple has managed to keep a pretty tight lid on their details of their nuptials.

Josiah and Lauren

The upside of all that secrecy is that the young lovebirds won't have to worry about party crashers whenever they tie the knot.

The downside is that it's got card-carrying members of Duggar Nation obsessing over their every move even more than usual.

And it seems the situation is particularly burdensome for Lauren, who's not accustomed to the same sort of scrutiny.

Given the family's reality TV empire, living in the public eye has been a part of Josiah's life since childhood, at least to some degree.

Lauren? Not so much.

Lauren Swanson Rocks "Short" Skirt

Case in point?

Josiah posted the above photo of himself and his fiancee to Instagram, and it quickly attracted a huge amount of attention.

Anyone care to guess why?

"I didn’t know badminton could make me break a sweat... until I played Lauren!" he captioned the picture of the smiling duo.

That's not the only thing making Si sweat bullets during this fun day with Lauren, if you know what we're talking about. 

NOTE: We're talking about her outfit.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson Picture

So yeah, the soon-to-be newlyweds got in a round of badminton on a warm late spring day on his family's compound.

Sounds innocent enough right?

(Well, except for the "compound" part. That's just a sinister-sounding word, albeit accurate in this case. Anyway ...)

Yes, but as many fans were quick to point out, this picture is downright pornographic by Duggar family standards.

If you're familiar with the infamous Duggar dress code, then we probably don't need to tell you what the issue here is.

Lauren Swanson, Josiah Duggar Pic

Lauren Swanson's skirt might not be short by the rest of the world's standards, but in Duggarland, it doesn't pass muster.

Until they're married (at which point, their husbands decide what sort of attire is permissible), this sort of thing just doesn't happen.

Duggar women are required to wear long skirts at all times, even when playing sports or engaging in other outdoor activities.

Fans quickly zeroed in on the violation.

Sure, they're engaged, but many observers noted that Lauren is skirting (sorry) by on a technicality - she's not a Duggar, yet.

Josiah Duggar, Lauren Swanson Pic

On the flip side, she has been approved by Jim Bob and Michelle, which means she's already been put through the wringer.

Or more specifically, the questionairre. See below.

Long story short, she probably wouldn't have passed that test if she didn't share the majority of their fundamentalist values.

Of course, there have been reports about Josiah rebelling against his parents, so perhaps they had little say in his choice of life partner.

Whatever the case, on the subject of Josiah and Lauren's wedding, it looks like that might be coming up much sooner than expected.

Despite rumors that the nuptials had been delayed until December, one commenter in a Duggar-related Reddit forum claims otherwise.

The insider purports to have firsthand knowledge that the couple will be exchanging vows in the very near future:

"I met Jim Bob and Michelle yesterday, and Michelle mentioned a few times that Josiah's wedding is in two weeks!" the user wrote.

Two weeks?

We'd say Lauren better rock those short skirts while she can, as she could be in for some post-nuptial reprogramming by Jim Bob.

Then again, something tells us this couple - like Jinger and others - won't be as eager to fall in line with Jim Bob's rules as he'd like.

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