Johnny Depp: I Look Like This on Purpose! I'm Not Dying!!

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In recent photos, Johnny Depp has looked gaunt and frail. That's bad news if you're a fan.

But if you're the sort of person who happens to be concerned with Depp's well-being, there is good news! Sources claim that he's totally healthy, all appearances to the contrary.

So ... that settles it?

Johnny Depp Is Thin

Recent photo ops with fans have shown that Johnny Depp looks, well, worse for wear. Fans have remarked that the 54-year-old looks gaunt, older than his age, and even withered.

Is his health in decline?

From what a source tells Us Weekly, Johnny Depp's health is totally fine.

"Johnny is healthy and enjoying his time on the road with his band [Hollywood Vampires]."

The band has been touring abroad, which is where so many fan photos have left fans alarmed and critics filled with schadenfreude.

An additional source tells the tabloid that Depp "purposely lost weight because he’s on tour and is trying to stay in shape."

But clarifies that he "doesn’t have any major health issues or anything."

Johnny Depp in Russia

Despite the harrowing accusations of domestic violence against Johnny Depp, he continues to have a large number of fans.

(That's not actually surprising. Celebrities have diehard fans who will defend them no matter what. Hell, even Bill Cosby still has supporters)

These fans have left comments on social media, expressing their concern.

"I think my hero looks ill."

It's one thing to admire an actor despite their behavior. It's another to call them your hero.

"You are one of my favorite actors and I enjoy watching you in [movies] I hope you truly are okay."

These folks are fans -- they're not trying to be shady. They're genuinely concerned.

"Johnny you are looking really lean. Hoping your health is good."

Some comments were a bit more ... blunt.

"This is healthy?"

Johnny Depp and a Russian Fan

Kyler Clark is a Nashville-based photographer who works as Alice Cooper's assistand and who has been documenting the adventures of Hollywood Vampires.

On June 3, he wrote:

"He is FINE."

You can practically feel Clark's exhasperation.

"We move around a lot at an erratic pace and we are all f--king exhausted."

Sure ... we can understand that.

"Does ANYONE look great as soon as they open their eyes? Does anyone look great when they are sleeping?"

Well, most people don't look like a wraith has been siphoning off their life force while they slumber. Especially when they're posing for photos with fans.

"What about when they’ve been on a plane every day for the last month bouncing around the world? No. I know I don’t."

Johnny Depp Smokes

Some folks couldn't help but connect Depp's worse-for-wear appearance with his lawsuit.

Depp's bodyguards are suing him, claiming that he failed to pay them for months on end.

The guards allege some out-of-control drug use, where they were even tasked with wiping cocaine off of Depp's face. Yikes.

All things considered, though, that's not the worst accusation against Depp.

His alleged drug use played a role, ex-wife Amber Heard says, in his alleged domestic violence against her during their marriage.

Even fans who disbelieved Heard, the witnesses, and text message evidence were alarmed when Johnny Depp was accused of attacking a crew member on a film set.

Some wonder if this alleged rampant drug use is impacting both his behavior and his physical appearance.

Johnny Depp in Great Britan

Depp remains a controversial figure.

His central role in the upcoming The Crimes of Grindelwald film from the Harry Potter franchise is the reason that some lifelong, diehard Harry Potter fans will not be seeing it.

But it is understandable that those people who are his fans are concerned about his health.

Is it true that he's just tired from nonstop travel and not being as young as he used to be?

Is it really the result of drug use? Or is Depp just not aging as gracefully as he might.

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