Jill Duggar Posts Most Revealing Pic Yet: What Will Jim Bob Say?!

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Jill Duggar has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the more conservative Duggar children, which of course means that she's one of her parents' favorites.

For most of her life, Jill has done exactly what is expected of her.

Jill Duggar and Her Pale Children

She stayed true to the core values and standards long practiced by the famous TLC family, and she also married young, for starters.

Then she started a family immediately thereafter, basically emulating her ultra-conservative (and ultra-subservient) mom in all things.

Yet after her husband, Derick Dillard, was fired from TLC for making bigoted remarks on social media, a change seemed to take place in Jill.

Perhaps it was the fact that the same network that made her family famous had chosen to publicly condemn her husband's beliefs.

Or perhaps it was something else entirely.

Jill, Son

Maybe, consciously or subconsciously, the concerns and criticisms of fans who were rightfully repulsed by Derick began to sink in.

Whatever the case, something clicked.

Whether it was that incident, regular coming of age, or a combination of both, she's starting to question the belief system she was raised with.

Recently, for the very first time, Jill distanced herself from Derick with a series of cryptic social media comments.

Now, she's openly sporting attire that would certainly no fit her parents' standard of "modesty."

Jill Duggar Rocks Shorts

What you see here is a photo of Jill that appeared on Derick's Instagram page earlier this week.

“I fall more in love with this woman every day,” he captioned the pic.

“Love you @jillmdillard #hiking #alonetime #nokids.”

Having never before seen Jill wear above-the-knee shorts in direct defiance of the infamous Duggar dress code ... fans were taken aback.

In a good way.

Jill Duggar Rocks Swimwear

“Wow she actually looks like a woman living in 2018 and not the 50’s,” one follower commented upon the release of the image.

“She looks much more attractive," another added. 

That last remark seems a bit unnecessary, but fans seem to agree that freedom looks good on Jill. One user commented as much:

“Thank God they are branching out from that legalistic church the fam attends and that they are now free to choose for themselves!" 

"Love seeing the tanks, shorts and jeans!”

Now, it's important to note that Jill is still an adherent of the ultra-conservative sect of Southern Baptism she was raised in.

But according to the Duggars' belief system, fathers decide what sort of clothing their daughters are permitted to wear.

That is, until they get married, at which time, the responsibility transfers to their husbands in this heavily patriarchal social structure.

So basically, Jill is allowed to wear shorts because her husband says so - not unlike Jinger Duggar's post-nutpial liberation.

But hey, slow progress is still progress.

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