Jennifer Lamb: Will Sugar Bear's Wife Start Her Own Weight Loss Journey?

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Recently on From Not To Hot, it's looked like June Shannon and Geno Doak might get married. June's ex has already gotten married -- to Jennifer Lamb.

The series started with June's transformation, but now it looks like Jennifer's about to embark on her own weight loss journey.

There's just one potential obstacle: Sugar Bear.

Jennifer Lamb on From Not To Hot

In a recent From Not To Hot preview, Sugar Bear and Jennifer Lamb embarked on a "romantic" fishing trip.

During the downhill walk, Jennifer did not seem to be having a good time.

"Walking to the docks really made my chest hurt," she later admits to the camera. "It was hard to breathe."

Those are signs of what may be serious health problems.

(Being winded while walking uphill, which is not uncommon, is very different from experiencing genuine chest pains while traveling downhill)

Jennifer confesses: "I really don't think I could go on like this."

While there are perfectly healthy people with large bodies and some very unhealthy people who are slender, Jennifer fears that her size is the culprit.

"At this weight, I'm risking my health and my life."

And she is thinking about doing something about it.

Jennifer Lamb and Sugar Bear Go Fishing

But she is hesitant to undergo weight loss surgery.

Jennifer explains: "It scares me because ... I have a lot to lose."

She's not making a joke about how many pounds she needs to shed. She's talking about her love life.

"Mike likes bigger women," Jennifer explains. "He might not like me if I lose all this weight."

For Jennifer, her life right now is about finding a balance.

"I wanna get healthy," she says. "But I don't want to lose my husband."

She even reveals that she is unsure of how to even broach the subject with Sugar Bear.

She tells the cameras: "I wish I could go ahead and tell Mike, but I'm really not ready for his reaction."

Sugar Bear and Jennifer Lamb, Kitchen

The hints that Jennifer may embark on a weight loss journey have been ongoing.

Remember back when Jennifer went to the doctor?

She complained of "chest pains, being dizzy, and just not feeling right."

She was shocked to learn, as she stepped onto the scale, that she weighed 431 pounds.

(Obviously, different people carry weight differently, but 431 is a lot of pounds for a human body to bear)

"Oh my God, I know that I’ve gained some weight," she said, still in shock. "But c’mon -- that’s a lot of weight."

Jennifer Lamb

At the time, she was fairly adamant about resisting the idea of a total body makeover.

"I don’t believe in having surgery like June did just to lose weight," she said. "I’ve always said big is beautiful and I will always stand by that."

She's expressing second thoughts, now, perhaps because she has realized that this is less about size and more about her health.

"I don’t want to look like June," she says adamantly. "I never would want to look like June, but if I keep doing what I’m doing now, I’m not guaranteed the next five years."

"Living with the weight on me could do more damage than having surgery," she admits.

Surgery has risks, but the risks of allowing her health to continue to decline may be even more severe.

Sugar Bear's Wife

But Jennifer was then and is in more recent clips afraid of losing Sugar Bear's affections.

"He loves me the way I am," she says. "So that’s sort of what scares me too."

We would hope that he loves her for who she is, and not for her body shape.

"One thing I know," Jennifer insists. "Mike don’t have nothing to do with no one that looks like June."

Not all weight loss has the same goal, Jennifer. And that's okay.

"My joints, my knees, my hip," Jennifer complained. "There’s days I can’t even function because they hurt so bad. I’m having chest pains, where you get out and you start walking and you can’t breathe. At 44 I shouldn’t be doing that."

That's not ideal at any age.

Perhaps, in the coming weeks, we'll learn that Jennifer has taken this major step for her health and her future.

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