Drew Barrymore: Headed to Rehab For Alcoholism?!

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Before she embarked on one of Hollywood's most monumental comebacks, Drew Barrymore's name was synonymous with the dangers of childhood stardom.

Barrymore checked into rehab for the first time when she was 13 years old after first experimenting with hard drugs when she was only nine.

Drew Barrymore at Blended Premiere

It would take a second round of in-patient care for Barrymore to get sober for good, but by the time she was 14, the actress had kicked the habits that could have claimed her young life.

One might think that after struggling mightily and finally getting clean at such a young age, Barrymore would steer clear of intoxicants for life.

But many former addicts can attest to the power of the complacency that so often accompanies long periods of sobriety.

Alcoholics, in particular, are said to be vulnerable to the false sense of security that comes with several years off the sauce.

They might look at family and friends enjoying a drink socially and believe that they're capable of doing the same.

Drew Barrymore: Tracy Paul & Co presents Pokemon Afternoon Soiree

In many cases, they might be right.

More often, however, the situation ends in disaster - and friends of Drew's believe she's in the process of learning that lesson the hard way.

According to Life & Style, friends of the actress were shocked to see her exhibiting signs of intoxication during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Cohen often drinks with his guests, and Drew has her own brand of wine, so there was nothing terribly surprising about her decision to enjoy a glass while on the show.

But Barrymore's alleged slurring and out-of-character behavior left her loved ones deeply worried.

Drew Barrymore Photograph

“They’re very concerned about Drew,” a source tells tabloid.

“They fear it’s only a matter of time before she crashes and burns.”

The insider says Drew's friends have already staged an informal intervention in hopes of convincing the actress to seek help:

“The bottom line is that Drew’s an alcoholic and she’s drinking again,” the source continues. "She’s not hiding it.” 

The insider adds that Barrymore's inner circle has implored her to “rein it in before she hits rock bottom again.”

Here's hoping Drew is able to find whatever sort of help she needs.

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