Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: ACTUALLY Fixing Their Marriage?!

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In the aftermath of Tori Spelling's breakdown, things have looked worse and worse for the actress and her husband, Dean McDermott.

Their family members have reached out to the couple in this time of crisis, and apparently Tori and Dean have both accepted that they need to get help.

There's just one problem. ...

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Dine at Cecconi's

RadarOnline reports that Tori Spelling's family, including her mother Candy and her brother Randy, have reached out to them.

"They loved them, and were concerned."

Tori has apparently been experiencing migraines and panic attacks.

On top of that, she and Dean have been arguing about their children and, as always, about money, which always seems to be in short supply for the family of seven.

Tori's family wants the two of them to stop trying to fix their situation themselves, since that clearly isn't working.

"They said they wanted to see them get help."

Spelling and McDermott

The source reports that, to their credit, Tori and Dean responded well to these concerned overtures.

"They admitted they are stressed out and overwhelmed."

They say that the first step towards fixing a problem is admitting that it exists. That makes sense.

Per the source, Tori and Dean know the source of their problem and are willing to address it.

"They blamed it on exhaustion and they agreed they would go to a wellness retreat."

So ... that's great!

Except for one little thing.

Tori Spelling in Glasses

Tori and Dean apparently haven't actually made any moves to act on this yet.

Generally, you don't get better by merely agreeing to seek treatment. You have to actually follow through.

"Tori’s excuse is they haven’t found the right place."

You might wonder how it's hard to find such a place -- since celebs go to different retreats all of the time, anywhere in the country and beyond.

But Tori is apparently very, very picky.

"She’s been looking into somewhere in the Dominican Republic"

Oh boy.

In the mean time, Tori has reportedly attended a beauty conference in Utah.

And Dean is pushing a new acting reel on social media.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on St. Patrick's Day

As we've mentioned, the ongoing struggles between the parents -- even the mere reports of their issues -- are hurting more than just Tori and Dean.

Fans are worried that Tori and Dean's children are being harmed by this situation.

Not, like, deliberate harm by their parents, but children tend to notice when their parents are in a state of perpetual conflict.

Living in a home where your parents might want to divorce but can't afford to can really screw you up.

Sometimes, children blame themselves.

They can also grow up to have very disturbing ideas of what relationships look like.

That said, Tori and Dean of course love their children. We're sure that a huge part of their motivations for seeking treatment is so that they can be better, more stable parents for their kids.

Tori Spelling and a Pig

Clearly, something has to change in the Spelling-McDermott household.

Considering that Dean called the police on Tori twice, it's hard to dispute that things are screwed up for the couple and, therefore, for the family.

This retreat might not fix their money troubles -- though thankfully, Tori's mother Candy apparently covers the cost of care for her grandchildren.

But it can get Tori and Dean back on track.

We hope.

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