Kim Kardashian: Kanye West Has Lost His Mind!!

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Earlier this month, Kanye West returned to Twitter. And he's already getting himself into trouble.

If he were just feuding, that would be fine. But instead, he's making paranoid political statements and seeming to endorse conspiracy theories. Fans worry that he's unhinged.

And, apparently, so does his wife, Kim Kardashian.

Kimye in 2017

Honestly, it sounds like Kim's frustration with Kanye is the most relatable that she has ever been.

RadarOnline reports that Kim finds Kanye's erratic tweets as exasperating as the rest of us do.

Their source says: "Kim wants Kanye to shut the f--k up."

That is what the young people would call a big mood.

"And she hates the fact that he is rambling all this nonsense on Twitter."

It makes him look unstable. It makes Kim seem nuts for staying with him. And it reflects poorly on the entire family.

Kanye Nonsense Tweets 01

As you can see, Kanye's activity on Twitter has people who care about him worried.

Some of his paranoid ramblings have even attracted the unenviable attention of the likes of Roseanne Barr.

Speaking of inauspicious company, Kanye tweeted nine videos, back to back, of Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert comics.

Adams was once known as a guy who wrote comics about white collar office work. He has since become known for his eccentric or even bizarre political statements.

He has a tendency to jump between candidate endorsements and sometimes to state bizarre reasons for doing so.

In 2016, he endorsed Hillary Clinton because he "feared for his life," he endorsed Trump because he admired the man's "persuasion skills," and ultimately endorsed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

One can see why he and Kanye seem to be a good fit.

Kanye Nonsense Tweets 02

The source continues to describe Kim's views of Kanye's social media antics.

"She has begged him to end it before it is too late and he refuses."

He could alienate a lot of people. People expect him to be impulsive, but endorsing conspiracy theories is something else.

"Which is only making her so much more upset."

Of course.

"She and her family feel like he is coming unhinged again."

Famously, Kanye had a breakdown in late 2016. It, too, was preceded by him making impulsive, outlandish statements.

"And that he may be going through another mental meltdown."

That is what a lot of his fans fear, too.

Kimye Selfie Time

Apparently, Kanye "has been acting aloof and delusional lately."

When someone suddenly fixates on conspiracy theories, it could be an academic curiosity. But it can also be a huge red flag that something is wrong.

"He is spending more and more time away from Kim and she fears the worst."

Even for a reality star, she's checking her social media a lot.

"Kim feels like she has to constantly check his feed now because no one knows what he is going to do or say next."

So Kanye's in the same boat as Trump in that respect.

“It’s a ticking time bomb."

Kimye and Company

Kanye confessed to an opioid addiction, but that would not necessarily explain she he thinks that black people protesting for their own rights and lives are "mental slaves."

And what Kanye mistakes for "thought police" are actually just people who think that his opinions suck.

Kanye can find plenty of people who love the things that he's spouting off.

What has people worried is that he doesn't seem to have a filter -- even for Kanye -- holding him back from tweeting these things that he knows won't be well-received by his fans, friends, or family.

Zero impulse-control (again, even by Kanye standards) could very well be a sign that he is having another breakdown.

Endorsing conspiracy theorists and terrible pundits? Well, that might just be a sign of a crappy person.

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