Kim Kardashian Gets Dragged (Hard!) for This Easter Photo

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Kim Kardashian celebrated the holiest of days on the Christian calendar by sharing a picture that provoked a strong reaction across the Internet.

And that reaction could be summed up as such:

Kim Kardashian and Her Big Cleavage


Yes, the reality star really did share this.

As you can see, the above photo flaunts her impressive cleavage on the day Jesus Christ got resurrected and came back to life many years ago.

Quite something on any day, but especially on Easter ... and, yes, she did include a bunny ears emoji as a caption along with it.

But promoting her sensual figure on this special occasion is actually NOT the reason Kim is under intense online scrutiny right now.

kim kross

Instead, the 37-year-old reality TV star is facing a great deal of backlash today for the above Twitter photo and message.

"Happy Easter," Kim wrote as a simple caption to this snapshot, featuring a golden cross shimmering in the sky with the sun behind it.

A nice sentiment, no?

Well, if you look closely, the Christian religious symbol is lined with a repeating design that looks to be diamonds.

Naturally, this led some pious followers to think Kardashian has missed the spirit of the Easter holiday entirely.

Kim Kardashian Hourglass Figure

Jesus, after all, was not exactly into wealth and the flaunting of one's riches, according to the teachings of scripture.

"Nothing says Easter better than a diamond studded cross," wrote one annoyed Internet user in response to this picture.

Another asked bluntly:

"is this a joke?"

The mother of three, who was just praised a few days ago for her March of Our Lives attendance, has reverted to form.

Kim Kardashian in the Water

Once again considered the self-centered enemy by a handful of critics, Kim has been hearing it ever since she shared this.

Another person said she thought this was a "meme" on Kim's part ... not sure how that's supposed to be a meme, but sure.

We're pretty confident in saying that the wildly popular star meant it in a serious way to send Easter wishes to her followers.

Or ... "Ok but anyone else think this might be a yeezus album cover hint??" asked another user, posing an alternate theory.

That really would be lame on Kim's part.

kk easter replies

Above, please note a selection of other Twitter comments in reply to Kimberly Noel's fancy, diamond-encrusted image.

We sincerely doubt there was any negative intent there. However, one really should not use this very holy day as a PR opportunity.

Then again, some might say, one should not appropriate other cultures in the way Kim has often been accused of doing.

Just some food for thought.

Anyway, sound off below with your take on the situation: What do you think of this alleged Kim Kardashian scandal?

Is it really even a scandal at all? Did Kim cross a line (pun not intended) with this picture of a cross?

Or should some folks just calm down and not overanalyze everything this woman says and does?

Sound off below with your thoughts and...

... Happy Easter!

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