Kanye West and John Legend Hang Out, Will "Agree to Disagree"

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Kanye West and John Legend are not letting a small matter such as the fate of our nation get in the way of their friendship.

Just days after the two exchanged in a semi-heated debate via text message, the artists not only hung out on Friday evening...

... they posed for a photo together.

John Legend and Kanye West

"We got love. Agree to disagree," wrote West last night as a caption to the above picture.

It was snapped during Chrissy Teigen's baby shower, as she and Legend are expecting their second child any week now.

It's not newsworthy that Kanye and John are friends -- but it is noteworthy that they are getting along well here because Legend called West out in an exchange that went public earlier in the week.

As part of his Twitter barrage over the past few days, Kanye has expressed an affection for Donald Trump.

He's worn a MAGA hat. He's questioned why Barack Obama did nothing to help Chicago. He's received praised from the President himself on social media.

In response to this viewpoint, Legend sent his friend a few text messages... which Kanye actually went ahead and Tweeted to the world.

legend tewet

“I hope you’ll reconsider aligning yourself with Trump,” Legend wrote, as you can see above.

He added:

"You’re way too powerful and influential to endorse who he is and what he stands for.

"As you know, what you say really means something to your fans ... so many people who love you feel so betrayed right now because they know the harm that Trump’s policies cause.

"Don’t let this be part of your legacy.”

Well said and reasoned, right?

But Kanye basically blew his pal off.

MAGA Kanye

He did, however, later Tweet the following:

"I really appreciate this dialogue with John Legend because I'm actually very empathetic.

"I'm still the kid from the telethon. I feel when people think of MAGA they don't think of empathy."

We're not here to delve too deeply into Trump's wayward views on what the MAGA movement stands for.

Those around the rapper are reportedly concerned about his mental health and thinking of staging an intervention.

However, it's most likely that West is simply drumming up attention and publicity here in anticipation of his dual album release in June.

Kimye at Home

Love him or REALLY hate him for his TrLate Friday, meanwhile, Kanye released a track titled "Ye vs. the People."

It's a collaboration with T.I. and is an attempt by the rapper to clarify his political stance a bit.ump support, Kanye is most certainly accomplishing those aforementioned goals.

"I know Obama was heaven-sent/ But ever since Trump won it proved that I could be President," Kanye starts off the track, later adding:

"Bruh, I never stopped fighting for the people...

"See that's the problem with this damn nation. All Blacks gotta be Democrats, man, we ain't made it off the plantation."

Kanye on KUWTK
Kanye on KUWTK

And there are also these lyrics:

I feel an obligation to show people new ideas/ And if you wanna hear 'em, here go two right here.

Make America Great Again, had a negative reception I took it, wore it, rocked it, gave it a new direction.

Added empathy, care and love and affection/And y'all simply questionin' my methods.

Yes, many people are questioning Kanye West's methods.

Unless you work in a marketing department.

In which case, you're likely just sitting back in awe of them.

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