Amber Portwood: Was She on Drugs When She Got Pregnant?!

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Believe or not, Amber Portwood will become a mother of two sometime very, very soon.

Believe it because it's a fact, the "or not" part is just in there in case you need a little more time to prepare yourself for the mess that is Amber caring for another human life.

Amber Portwood with Baby Bump

Yep, Amber is due to give birth on May 13th -- Mother's Day -- with her second child, her first with boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

They already know they're having a boy, and she's said that they'll name him James Andrew Glennon.

This will be her second time giving birth, and she's also suffering from gestational diabetes, so there's a decent chance James will make an appearance before his due date.

And when he does ... well, we've got some concerns, we'll say that much.

It's been several years since Amber had her daughter Leah, but as we saw on those first few seasons of Teen Mom, she just wasn't that great at caring for her.

She left her crying in her crib regularly, or so it seemed on the show, and sometimes she'd throw in a bottle of Kool-Aid to comfort her.

Amber Portwood in Good Light?

When Leah cried, it always seemed to overwhelm Amber, much more than the average mother. Which isn't great, because in case you haven't heard, babies tend to cry quite a bit.

The big thing that got her in trouble though was how she just wasn't able to control herself around Leah. We all saw her beat Gary right in front of her, not to mention the countless times she screamed at him in her presence.

There's just been so, so many examples of Amber's questionable parenting skills, even recently, that it's hard to be hopeful that things will be any different this time around.

And when you consider the things that she admitted during last night's Teen Mom OG reunion special ... it's just not looking great.

Amber did her segment via Skype, since presumably she wasn't up to flying to New York, and things started out rough when she got angry after watching a recap of her scenes from this season.

Amber on Teen Mom

Once again, she took issue with Gary's totally fair and true remarks about how she'd been an absent mother, and once again, she defended herself by saying she was too depressed to see her daughter.

"The main thing is when I was going through everything after me and Matt broke up, people have to understand, I was with that man for three and a half years," she explained.

"It was a really horrible relationship. It was an abusive relationship -- mentally and physically."

She said that the relationship "turned me into a really unhappy, depressed person and I couldn't keep going on with that."

As we saw in the last season, he failed a lie detector test with a question about infidelity, and she said "that was the end because I couldn't stay with a man who would ever do that to me."

She finally broke up with him for good last May, and -- this is the relevant part -- after the split, she said she "spiraled out of control."

Amber Portwood Can't Chill

Dr. Drew asked her if she'd managed to stay sober during that tough time, and she admitted she hadn't.

"I was drinking horribly," she revealed. "I might not have been doing a lot of drugs and things like that but I was definitely trying to drown my sorrows."

So wait, if she wasn't doing "a lot of drugs," does that mean she was doing some drugs?

Many viewers seem to think so.

On Marriage Boot Camp, Amber has been completely out of control, and some people think that her behavior there is more indicative of drug abuse than drinking.

Right after filming, Brandi GlanvilleĀ even seemed to insinuate that she was abusing pills during filming, which was her drug of choice before she went to prison.

These days, Amber does look and sound a lot healthier and much more stable than she did last year.

But if she was drinking this much and possibly dabbling in drugs during the same time she conceived?

Amber, why do you have to worry us like this?

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