Allison Mack: Watch Her Recruit More Sex Slaves

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Now that Allison Mack has been arrested for her alleged role as a "master" in a sex slave cult that masqueraded as a women's empowerment pyramid scheme, people are taking a harder look at her history.

There are videos of her out there praising the organization, and it seems likely that prosecutors are going to look into that.

She's being charged with sex trafficking, and her recruitment videos could be key evidence in that case.

Allison Mack Raves About Jness

Allison Mack is charged with sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and forced labor.

Like alleged cult leader Keith Raniere, known as "Vanguard" within the cult and to whom Mack answered, she was hiding out in Mexico prior to her arrest.

Mack was returned to the US and charged.

She has since been released from jail on $5 million bond -- which some find curious, considering that she was arrested in another country.

She has also been ordered to stay away from everyone else involved in Nxivm.

Allison Mack Recruits for Jness

In the video that we included for you at the top of this article, you can listen to Allison Mack sing the praises of Jness.

This was in 2013, before the world had heard what Mack was really up to.

According to the explosive reports about Mack, Nxivm begins as a series of seemingly innocuous courses for women -- referred to as Jness.

When Mack's Smallville costar Kristen Kreuk was involved with the organization, that's as far as she got. She then parted ways with them, while Mack became hooked.

Per the accusations, Jness is theself-help stepping stone that leads someone from a person seeking empowerment to being a Nxivm sex slave with Keith Raniere's initials branded onto their body.

So it is alarming to hear Mack singing the praises of this cult, knowing that fans who feel directionless or out of inspiration might be drawn in by seeing their celebrity talk about it.

"Working for Jness I think is the most gratifying thing that I’ve ever done," Mack says in a recruitment video disguised as a Q&A.

And she has a lot more to say.

Allison Mack Discusses Her Diet

"It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever done because it consists of working with a group of people in a way that is totally interdependent."

Well, there's a whole hierarchy of "masters" and "slaves." At the top is Raniere, followed by Mack.

"Meaning we’re all working together and no one is ever punished and no one is ever told that they’re wrong or they’re bad."

That is contrary to what reports have claimed, which say that Mack herself doles out punishments to disobedient "slaves," including forcing them to take cold showers or more obvious physical punishments.

"The most important thing in working on Jness is the relationships in Jness."

That's just about word salad.

Allison Mack, Brunette

Mack continues.

"I would say that working for Jness is the most satisfying and purposeful thing I’ve ever done."

Some say that she's a vicious predator, but others have come to her defense, saying that she's been brainwashed and is a fellow victim.

"Watching the women who are involved with Jness completely transform and evolve in a way that is so pure is such a privilege."

It's said that every "slave" in Nxivm is required to go on what some describe as a starvation diet to keep themselves pleasing for Keith Raniere.

That goes for Mack, too.

Allison Mack Discusses Her Diet

Mack is said to have risen through the ranks of Nxivm because of her devotion to Raniere, but also because her celebrity status would help draw in more members.

In fact, it appears that she was even instructed to try to lure other celebrities to join.

Mack may have not seen any success trying to recruit Emma Watson and Kelly Clarkson as sex slaves.

But how many other victims did she lure to be brainwashed, blackmailed, and threatened with physical punishment?

Videos in which she praises Jness seem designed to do just that.

Prosecutors are sure to look into all of this at her trial.

It has been reported that she and Raniere could each be facing anywhere from 15 years to life in prison ... if they're convicted.

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