Tori Spelling: Dean McDermott Calls Cops on Actress AGAIN!

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Earlier this month, sources indicated that Tori Spelling had suffered a nervous breakdown during a confrontation with her husband.

The incident resulted in police being called to the scene, and neighbors claim as many as six units arrived at the home Spelling shares with husband Dean McDermott.

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Now, Radar Online is reporting that police were called to Spelling's home again yesterday.

This time, it seems the 911 call was placed by McDermott, who was reportedly concerned about Spelling's behavior.

Sergeant Eric Buschow of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office tells Radar that officers were dispatched to the home for a well-being check and found that there was no cause for additional action.

“We received a call from her husband who was concerned about [Tori’s] well-being,” Buschow says.

“Deputies located her in Thousand Oaks, spoke to her for a few minutes and determined she was fine. That was that. She was fine and no further action was taken.”

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The night before her breakdown, Spelling called the police herself to report what she believed to be an intruder but was later revealed to be McDermott.

So while the latest visit by police may have passed without incident, it's still troubling that officers have been dispatched to Tori and Dean's home three times in the past week.

And what's been the source of all this commotion?

Well, while the exact cause of Spelling's breakdown remains a mystery, sources concur that Tori's troubled marriage and ongoing financial woes have combined to put a major strain on the actress in recent months.

Those who know the couple best say Spelling and McDermott are headed for divorce, and while Tori has been the one pushing for a separation, the prospect of suddenly becoming a single mother of five is causing her frequent panic attacks.

Tori Spelling, Children

“Tori and Dean have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for the past six weeks,” a family insider claimed.

“Things have been very bad at home between them.”

Compounding Tori's stress is her crippling debt.

Spelling has been sued by creditors multiple times in the past year, and McDermott was nearly jailed for failure to pay child support to his ex-wife.

It's entirely possible Tori is suffering some sort of mental illness - but unfortunately, her anxiety has firm roots in reality.

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