Jana Duggar: Is She Being Forced Into Dating Nathan Bates?!

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For years now, Jana Duggar courtship rumors have been circulating non-stop on social media among fans of her famous family.

Generally, fans want what they feel is best for Jana, but at times the tone of the discussion can be more than a tad overbearing.

Cinderella Duggar

Case in point?

The current obsession with Jana and Nathan Bates, one of the (many, many) stars of the reality series Bringing Up Bates.

The Duggars have been close friends with the Bates' for years now, and the two families do share an awful lot in common.

The Bates also star in a TV show that focuses on their fundamentalist lifestyle and the challenges of raising a family of 21.

Yes, they also have 19 kids.

Jana Duggar: Counting On!

It's not just a tangential connection; Duggar-Bates get-togethers have happened more than once at respective family functions. 

The Bates have never reached the same level of fame as the Duggars, but it's not hard to see why fans love the connection.

As you may recall, fans were previously obsessed with the idea of Jana dating Lawson Bates, one of Nathan's brothers.

We briefly thought that was the real deal.

Lawson and Jana are slightly closer in age, but both parties long ago made it clear that they're not romantically involved.

Nathan Bates Photo

Too bad for those 'shippers. But, undettered, they've shifted their focus to Lawson's younger brother, 24-year-old Nathan.

Duggar discussion boards on Reddit are buzzing with speculation about the potential couple ... emphasis on potential.

The talk comes on the heels of reports of Jana courting Caleb Williams. That relationship never materialized, either.

Naturally, fans are now forcing Jana and Nathan together.

There's no rhyme or reason to it, and it's hard to imagine that Jana isn't at least a little creeped out by the whole thing.

Jana Duggar Smirk

Hilariously, fans have skipped right over the hope that Jana and Nathan will get together and proceeded directly to objecting.

That's right, there's vocal disapproval of and opposition to a relationship that doesn't actually exist and likely never will.

"He's younger and  likely less mature," said one Reddit user.

"I think Jana is too smart for Nathan Bates. He seems like a nice guy, but not the brightest bulb," commented another.

It's enough to make you wonder if Jana Duggar, who turned 28 in January, has anything to say about her own love life.

While she hasn't spoken on the Nathan Bates rumors directly, the beauty recently made it clear that she's unattached.

And (gasp) she's not unhappy about it, either.

"There have been different guys come along and ask but yeah it's just not... they haven't been the right one," said Jana.

"I'm not just out to get married to the first one that comes along," she said, echoing the sentiments of most young women.

(Most young women not named Duggar.)

So there you have it.

That should be enough to finally quiet the speculation and silence the rumors on social media ... for about 15 minutes.
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