Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump File for Divorce

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Trump's administration isn't just tearing apart families across the nation -- it's also wrecking marriages very close to home.

Donald Trump Jr., the man who spends his free time defending his father for the indefensible and killing elephants for fun, may be the next Trump supporter with his marriage on the chopping block.

Because it's now reported that he and his wife, Vanessa, may soon divorce. Like father, like son, we suppose.

Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump

Don Jr. and Vanessa married in 2005, and the couple has five children.

Page Six reports that Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump are headed for divorce. But, their sources say, none of their marital troubles have been translated into legalese just yet.

Friends of the couple have confided in Page Six that the couple has been leading separate lives, largely due to Don Jr.'s constant traveling.

He not only travels for work, representing both the US government and the Trump Organization, but he continues to enjoy hunting trips.

There's something about bringing about the agonizing death of wild, majestic creatures that Don Jr. can't seem to resist. And now, his father's made it so much easier for him to import trophies such as body parts of elephants.

However, sources stress that despite the couple's strained relationship and frequent physical separation, no one has filed for divorce yet. In fact, they haven't even filed papers for legal separation.

The Trump Organization, Page Six reports, has not yet commented on their sources' reports.

Donald Trump Jr. Image

One source dishes about what's driving a wedge between the two of them.

"The problems have been there for a long time, the couple had hoped to stay together during the president’s time in office, but it is getting harder to resolve their issues. He’s never there."

But there's more to it than absence making the heart grow frustrated.

Don Jr. "appears to have changed recently, and friends are concerned about him."

Among other things, these changes include his social media activity, where he has "liked" and even retweeted horrific things.

He's used his Twitter presence to boost (absurd) reports about a "link" between antidepressants and school shootings.

A couple of years back, he made an outrageously offensive statement about the Holocaust. That's been a recurring problem for a number of big-name members of the Trump Team.

He's even gone so far as to "like" a tweet that was outright attacking one of the teenage survivors of the Parkland shooting.

Reportedly, Don Jr. has been a voice in his father's ear, urging his father to support a solidly pro-gun agenda, even in the wake of these tragedies.

Donald Trump Jr., Wife

Yet another issue, of course, is that Vanessa Trump doesn't love being part of one of the most hated families on the planet.

"Vanessa is by nature is a very low-key person, and she is uncomfortable with the attention her family is getting now the Trumps are on the world stage."

There's more to it than just discomfort with being in the spotlight, however.

She also fears for the lives of her family.

"She is also worried for her kids, particularly after she received the threatening letter containing the white powder."

Obviously, whatever you think Don Jr. might deserve, Vanessa and her children are innocent and do not deserve to be on the receiving end of any threats.

She was okay after the white powder scare, but false alarm or not, that was a horrifying ordeal.

"It was terrifying for Vanessa, who is naturally worried for the safety of her children."

Donald Trump Jr. Outdoor Sportsman Awards

Another source tells Page Six that things aren't so bad as reported.

"Donald Jr. and Vanessa have been dealing with some issues, but they are not yet at the stage of filing for divorce. They are trying to deal with this privately."

And this source says that Don Jr.'s life isn't as separate from his wife's as people think.

"Don is still living at home, is a good dad and is super involved in his kids’ lives."

We all know that, after he famously tweeted that he was going to take half of his child's Halloween candy to "teach her about socialism."

That was especially foolish, since, of course, Halloween candy is handed out for free. He might have done better to hand her a half-eaten piece of candy to teach her about trickle-down economics. Or, better yet, think before he tweets.

"He has always traveled for work, so his current schedule is not something out of the ordinary. He has a busy travel schedule now as he always does."

So not only does this source say that his constant absence from the house isn't a problem, but they claim that his Twitter activity is just business as usual.

"Don has always had a bold and aggressive nature on social, there’s no change to his stance on Twitter."

So they're saying that he was just always the worst, huh.

"His behavior hasn’t changed, there’s nothing irrational about him, he’s always been bold, will say what he thinks and fight back, that’s his personality on Twitter."

Donald Trump Jr. Looks Lost

But even that source acknowledged that things weren't exactly perfect.

"While they are not legally separated, I cannot deny there are issues, there are a lot of intricate things that go on in a marriage."

Honestly, the sources disagreeing on what is and is not a problem makes us wonder if the initial sources were close to Vanessa but that this source is close to Don Jr.

"Don and Vanessa are focused on their family, they are trying to do this quietly and privately, and when they have something to say on the record, they will do so. This has nothing to do with politics, this is a personal matter between two people."

Well ... aren't most marital problems personal matters between two people?

We can see that this naysaying source is trying to preserve Don Jr.'s privacy, but he's not just the son of the sitting President -- he's also an active part of the administration, because the Trumps clearly don't care about laws forbidding nepotism.

His life is very much the business of the American people until the day comes (not swiftly enough) that his father is no longer permitted on White House grounds.

Update: On Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump filed for divorce in Manhattan Supreme Court. The reason for their divorce was "uncontested," so one might infer that the split is amicable.

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