Chris Harrison Calls BS on Arie Luyendyk Break-Up Story

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Arie Luyendyk Jr. may be ready for his Happily Ever After to begin.

But many questions still remain.

On Monday and Tuesday nights, ABC viewers across the nation were treated for whiplash after Arie proposed to Becca Kufrin on The Bachelor finale...

Arie and Lauren After the Final Rose

... only to turn dump her on national television mere minutes later (about a month later in real life time)...

... and then propose to runner-up Lauren Burnham on the After the Final Rose special the following evening.

You've heard it said and teased for many years, but this truly was the most shocking Bachelor finale of all-time.

And while Burnham says she's thrilled to be with Arie and completely trusting that he won't change his mind once again, many Internet users have understandable questions.

Heck, even Chris Harrison has a question.

Chris Harrison on ABC

Yes, the man who has represented The Bachelor since its inception and who takes pride in its many twists and turns has come out and wondered what Luyendyk was thinking.

To some extent, at least.

Just consider what Arie said on Good Morning America, referring to Becca being chosen as The Bachelorette and his assertion that he actually had this in mind when he broke her heart in front of ABC cameras.

"I wanted her that opportunity, honestly, I wanted her that opportunity to be the potential Bachelorette."

Oh, yes, Arie is alleging that he humiliated Kufrin on purpose because he knew it would propel her to reality TV stardom.

Arie on the Finale

Asked about that claim by E! News, even Harrison was taken aback.

"Well, then he was thinking far ahead of the game," the host said, adding of The Bachelorette selection:

"That's a decision that the Bachelors are never involved in...

"So unless he was just being incredibly creative and thinking as a producer and trying to produce the show as well as break up with a girl and make the switch, which, if he did, I am incredibly impressed."

Harrison is alone in this final thought.

Not many folks out there are impressed by Arie.

Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham

Most are incredibly turned off; first that he chose Becca and then decided on Lauren instead, just a few weeks later.

But mostly because Arie fooled Becca into thinking she was going on a romantic getaway -- only to then shatter her heart into a million piece, all while the cameras rolled.

Harrison, however, is happy to defend the way the series chose to shoot this unusual situation.

"I will never ever say that we're always right in what we do, but I definitely stand by showing what we showed and how we showed it. I really do," he said.

Chris continued in his chat with E! News:

Arie and Lauren... Together!

"It's funny that people often say, ‘The show can be edited. It's scripted and you guys made him do this and made him do that.'"

"And then when we show you completely uncut, unedited, no bells or whistles, everybody's really pissed off. I find the irony in that tragically funny."

"So you just want the cupcake with the sprinkles on top or do you want to know how it's made?"

It certainly can be argued that the audience was complicit in how this played out.

Do they not demand drama from The Bachelor and other reality shows?

Do they not tune in to witness heartbreak, to make fun of women for crying over a guy that barely know?

"For me, as a producer and a host and a friend to everybody, I think it was the right thing to do," Harrison concluded.

"I like the way it was shown. Not all the time, but particularly for this situation, I just thought, ‘You know what, let's show this warts and all for all it is.'

"Relationships aren't always pretty. They're not always perfect. It doesn't always work. And you can't just show the pretty parts.

"That's not how the world works, that's not how love works."

"So I'm OK with showing the nasty and the ugly and the sad sometimes because that's what makes the good stuff so good."

"It's what makes when it really works."

In the end, come on Chris:

Let's not pretend anything about The Bachelor is symbolic of love or romance or relationships of any kind.

Let's not pretend this break-up was filmed as any sort of life lesson.

It was filmed because it made headlines and it garnered ratings... and we love Becca and we wish her all the best, but you know what?

That's okay!

This is a television show. What else is it supposed to really care about?

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