Kailyn Lowry: Is She Next to Be Fired From Teen Mom 2?!

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These are interesting times in the world of the Teen Mom franchise, and it seems the shake-ups won't be stopping anytime soon.

As you may have heard, David Eason was fired from the show this week, and there's talk that his wife, Jenelle Evans, is next on the chopping block.

And there are fans who think Jenelle and David won't be the only ones exiting Teen Mom 2 in the weeks to come:

Kailyn at School

Unlike Jenelle, Kailyn Lowry is a fan favorite, so the idea that producers would kick her to the curb may seem ridiculous.

But a small and very vocal group of fans think MTV needs to cut ties with Kailyn ASAP.

Not surprisingly Kailyn's most recent troubles can be traced back to Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham.

You see, Farrah wants MTV to cancel both Teen Mom shows, and she's pretending it's not because of a personal grudge.

(Abraham is currently suing her former employers for wrongful termination.)

Farrah Abraham Blonde Photo

She's circulating a petition arguing that several cast members have behaved in such a way that it would be irresponsible of MTV to continue giving them a platform.

Obviously, it would be easiest for Farrah to make a case against Jenelle, but Abraham and Evans are friends, so instead, she's set her sights on Ms. Lowry.

According to Farrah's petition, Kailyn threatened violence against ex-husband Javi Marroquin on social media.

The document also accuses Lowry of "liking" a tweet in which a friend of hers used a racial slur to refer to Marroquin.

The case against Kailyn is a flimsy one, but you never know what might happen if Farrah is able to drum up support for her cause.

Kailyn and Family

Interestingly, it now looks as though Farrah might be wasting her time, as Kailyn might already be looking forward to a future beyond TM2.

According to Radar Online, Kail has plans to turn her popular podcast into a legitimate TV series:

“Kailyn and her Coffee Convos co-host Lindsie Chrisley are in talks for their own show,” a source tells the site.

"They have been approached by several networks already.”

Yes, unlike the web series Kail & the Chaos, which was falsely described as a Teen Mom spinoff, Coffee Convos might actually land on a cable network soon.

Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry Photo

Obviously, Kail is a master of multi-tasking, and she could probably do both shows without much difficulty.

But why would she want to?

As though it's not bad enough that Farrah is actively working to get her fired, Kail has to co-star with her bitter rival Briana DeJesus on TM2.

We're sure she'd love nothing more than to leave the entire show and its attendant headaches in the past.

It may be a while before we find out what's next for Kail, but in the meantime watch Teen Mom 2 online to see the original cast in much more stable times.

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