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When a Duggar woman gives birth, it’s always a big deal for the family’s legion of devoted fans.

But it looks as though Joy-Anna Duggar may have recently tried – and failed – to keep some major baby news from going public.

Joy-Anna on Counting On

As you may already know, rumors that Joy-Anna got pregnant before her wedding to Austin Forsyth have been running rampant in recent months.

Even some of the most devout Duggar loyalists began to believe the reports of a "shotgun wedding" thanks to a series of suspicious developments:

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth moved their wedding date up several months without warning; the Duggars refused to acknowledge the rumors in any way; doctors who examined photos of Joy stated that she appeared much further along than she claimed…

Needless to say, there was plenty of reason to believe that Joy wasn’t being totally forthcoming with fans.

Throughout her pregnancy, conspiracy-minded fans assured themselves that the truth would come out when Joy finally gave birth.

Joy-Anna Duggar Due Date Photo

But now there’s reason to believe that the Duggars may be attempting to mislead fans by keeping the birth under wraps and making the announcement on what would have been Joy’s due date had she actually gotten pregnant on her honeymoon like she claimed.

According to recent changes to Joy’s Wikipedia page, she has already given birth to a little girl named Julie.

Fans understandably freaked out over the news, and the changes were quickly deleted.

It’s important to note that the edits may have been some rogue fan’s idea of a joke.

But it’s also worth noting that if the new information was accurate, then the Duggars would have made certain it was promptly removed.

Obviously, at this point, it’s tough to determine what exactly happened.

Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnancy Photo

We’ll play it safe and say we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a fan hoax, and we also wouldn’t be surprised if the Joy has already given birth, and her family is keeping it under wraps.

Whatever the case, you can expect some Joy-ous baby news in the very near future.

Joy stated on Valentine’s day that she’s expected to deliver before the end of the month.

So congrats to the happy couple either way!

And way to keep the "J" name trend going!

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UPDATE: Joy-Anna has delivered a bouncing baby boy!

Click the link for all the detalis about Joy and Austin’s first born!