Jana Duggar: "Creepy" Valentine's Day Gift Grosses Fans Out

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In recent months, a slew of Jana Duggar courtship rumors piqued the interest of fans who have spent years awaiting - pining - for this news:

Has the eldest, often-maligned and forever-overshadowed Duggar daughter finally found Mr. Right?

Jana Duggar Velentine's Day Pic

Unfortunately, it seems all that optimism was unfounded.

The Duggars recently confirmed that she's still single ... with a gesture that some fans are describing as "creepy" and "weird."

On Monday, the family posted the above photo of Jana, who just turned 28 in January, with a massive floral arrangement.

Fans were initially excited, believing that the roses were a Valentine's Day gift from a suitor looking to court the lovely Jana.

However, a caption written by Jana's parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, revealed that that wasn't quite the case.

Or at all the case.

Jana Duggar Smirk

“Jana received SO MANY beautiful valentine flowers from her brothers on Valentine’s day!” the caption to the above image read.

Yes, it seems Jana's brothers sent her flowers, a gesture that some fans found heart-warming and others found super gross.

Some were simply disappointed that the beautiful "Cinderella" Duggar hasn't actually found the man of her dreams:

“Dang….thought she had a special guy in her life for a second,” commented one fan whose hopes were dashed.

“I thought she had someone,” wrote another.

Jana Duggar Selfie

Others felt that Jana's brothers overstepped their bounds or did something ... sort of odd by sending a traditionally romantic present.

“That’s a little creepy,” wrote one Duggar follower.

“Sweet but a little weird to get flowers from your brothers!!!” remarked another, summing up the feelings of many of us here.

Needless to say, the fan reaction varied widely.

“She helped to raise most of those boys. Wouldn’t you give flowers to your mother figure? How is it creepy?” wrote one Duggar defender.

Jana Forever

Another longtime fan blamed Jana's parents and their famously strict courtship rules for the fact that that she is still single.

“How is she waiting for mister right when she is not allowed to go anywhere," reads one comment positing this viewpoint.

"The guy has to be approved by Jim Bob. Mister right isn’t going to just come knocking on the door or drop out of the sky."

Believe it or not, the Duggars love Valentine's Day.

Unlike certain holidays, they're big fans, and their tradition of single family members exchanging gifts is a long-standing one.

This year, however, fans had hoped that the Counting On clan would mark the occasion by revealing that Jana had finally entered a relationship.

Alas, despite all the recent gossip, she has not.

Reports that Jana is dating Caleb Williams, and before that, Jonathan Hartono, have been all over social media in recent months.

While Jana never came out and confirmed the rumors, she also never expressly denied them, which was enough to give some fans hope.

Unfortunately, it now looks as though she is still very much a single woman as the new season approaches on TLC.

Hey, at least she gets a nice floral arrangement in exchange for all the back-breaking labor she does at the compound, right?

It might not be what fans were hoping for, but someone acknowledged that she toils away so the rest of them can have lives.

Sorry, maybe we're being too harsh. But let's just say Jim Bob and Michelle would be hard-pressed to find a new babysitter.

As always, you can follow the link to watch Counting On online for more from reality TV's most controversial family.

You can also preview the new season below:

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