Ben Affleck's Dad: It's Not His Fault My Boy's a Boozer!

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Back in 2016, Ben Affleck appeared on Bill Simmons' short-lived HBO show and screamed about his love for Tom Brady in what appeared to be a drunken tirade.

At the time, the unhinged rant was mostly laughed off, and it was only later that the world learned that Affleck was battling alcoholism and was in the depths of his addiction at the time of the interview.

Ben Affleck Winks

As you've no doubt heard, Ben's beloved Patriots lost to the underdog Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII on Sunday.

As the world marveled at Eagles' fans willingness to lay waste to their own city, many wondered how Ben - arguably the most famous Pats fan and a close friend of Tom Brady's - was handling the news.

Back in December, Affleck checked into rehab for the third time in less than a year.

These days, he's out of treatment and reportedly sober, but after falling off the wagon so many times, Ben is no doubt aware that alcoholism is a lifelong battle.

Ben's father, Tim Affleck, has also struggled with addiction and earlier this week he opened up about his son's struggles in a candid interview with Radar Online.

Ben Affleck Looks Pissed

It seems the elder Affleck believes his son's struggles are mainly the result of the career he chose.

“Hollywood is a disgusting place!” Tim told the outlet.

“I’m not a big fan of the entertainment world. I know it’s taken its toll [on Ben].”

Tim says he's witnessed some major changes in his son's character over the course of his decades in the industry.

“You’re kind of forced to develop a persona that is hard to shed and go home to your family,” Tim says.

“It affects your whole life. I think that’s one of the dangers of the film industry.”

Ben Affleck for Justice League

Ben has spoken at length about his father's alcoholism and the ways in which it affected his childhood.

“I know what he’s going through," says Tim, who's been sober 27 years.

"Of course we speak about it, and we do have a shared history, at least in terms of struggle. Ben’s always been serious about getting sober. He wants a balanced life and he’s working at it.”

Tim believes his son has what it takes to remain sober, but believes Ben may be too reliant upon the women in his life.

“I don’t necessarily believe one person should be with someone forever,” Tim says.

“Some people might, but history has proven it often doesn’t work.”

Affleck has been dating Lindsay Shookus since the summer of 2017.

We're guessing she's not thrilled with his dad's latest comments.

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