Anna Duggar Ditches Josh For Valentine's Day, Earns Applause From Fans

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In the two years since the world learned that Josh Duggar molested five young girls, his wife, Anna Duggar has stood by his side.

Needless to say, she's taken quite a bit of flak for that decision.

Josh and Anna Duggar with Family

In fact, when Anna welcomed her fifth child in September of last year, many went so far as to claim that she's as bad as Josh for putting yet another child in harm's way.

We understand the critics' frustration, but it's important to remember that Anna is one of Josh's many victims, and she lives in a world where divorce is believed to be on par with murder.

So we're willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she feels she has no choice but to be loyal to her disgraced husband.

But just as fans had finally resigned themselves to the situation, Anna began to give indications that she's through putting up with Josh's crap.

Anna Duggar Valentine's Day Post

The mother of five posted the above photo of her children earlier this week, and it's prompted speculation that she and Josh are on the outs.

For one thing, the image was posted on Valentine's Day, and yet Josh is nowhere to be seen.

Since Anna very rarely posts on social media these days, and since the Duggars' love for Valentine's Day is well-known the widespread theory is that this is Anna's way of sending a subtle message about the state of her marriage.

“Such cute kiddos, what a shame that Turd is their father,” one follower commented.

“Anna literally hasn’t posted [on Instagram] for two years and then she’s posted three times in the last week. I bet something’s going on behind the scenes, the Duggars are wily like that.”

Josh and Anna Image

Sadly, it's still highly unlikely that Anna will ever leave Josh.

“[The Duggars] always taught their kids that divorce was never an option,” a source previously told People.

“They never even thought about cheating. But that’s not how life works.”

Well, Josh certainly thought about cheating, but those who know the couple best say the possibility of leaving him has still never crossed Anna's mind.

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