The Four Recap: A Fresh Take on Singing Competitions, or More of the Same?

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It's crazy that we're in 2018 and the broadcast networks are still throwing singing competitions our way. 

Considering that most winners are never heard of again, it's increasingly difficult to sit through them. 

But here we are.

The Four Judges

Fox's latest effort comes in the form of The Four: Battle for Stardom.

The network seems to think it's going to be the show that will successfully change the genre up. We have our doubts, but gave it a shot.

When the series kicked off Thursday night, the four finalists had already been chosen by the judging panel.

The star-studded quartet consists of Meghan Trainor, DJ Khaled, Charlie Walk and Sean "Diddy" Combs. 

The four best singers in all of the land were apparently Lex Lu, Blair Perkins, Elanese Lansen and Ash Minor.

It definitely felt anti-climactic to go into the episode without witnessing the journey of these four. 

Fergie on The Four

But, there's a twist:

Whenever a challenger appears, they have the power to take one of the seats and send the person who is in the final four home.

The first challenger was Tyler Griffin, and he appeared on the scene to perform a Jason Derulo song.

It was a decent enough rendition, but Charlie Walk tried to be the Simon Cowell of the group and basically said it was crap. 

The other three seemed mad because they actually liked the performance, which is another twist, and not always a good one.

The big flaw with the format is that ALL the judges need to give the go-ahead for the person to advance in the competition. 

Blair Perkins

It's going to be rare to find an act that all the judges agree on, and it takes away much of the suspense.

That meant Tyler's big challenge was all for naught and he was sent home a few minutes after we met him.

Zhavia, a 16-year-old girl, appeared as the next challenger and wasted no time in belting her heart out to Khalid's "Location." 

Zhavia was voted through, and that meant she got to battle one of the Four for their place in the competition.

Her battle was with Elanese, and it was clear Zhavia performed better. 

The audience allowed Zhavia to stay and Elanese was sent packing, so there's that.

It didn't help matters that Fergie was muttering as she walked around the stage. 

The next challenger was a singer-songwriter named Anthony Hall, but the judges were not feeling it and cut him off pretty much off the bat.

What happened to giving everyone a chance, you guys?

Illakriss was the next singer, and he was voted through to battle it out with Lex Lu, but Lex ran circles around him in the performance.

To the surprise of no one, Illakriss was sent home. 

Saeed Renaud was the final competitor on the night, and we quickly learned he had already won a Grammy as a songwriter.

Basically, he had more experience than half of the judging panel, let alone the four singers he was poised to challenge.

Renaud's rendition of "Run To You" by Whitney Houston was hands down the best performance of the entire night.

The shock was off the charts. It's no Susan Boyle moment, but it's up there. Saeed got to battle it out with Blair and won.

That concluded an awkward 120-minute episode.

In the end, reviews are mixed here.

There are hints of a good show, but the judges need to dial back the enthusiasm and critique the singers. 

What did you think of it?

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