Snooki & Jionni LaValle: Marriage Troubles Confirmed Ahead of Jersey Shore Reunion

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Currently, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is in Miami, filming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation with her famous frenemies.

We imagine she's enjoying the break from reality almost as much as Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino (who's currently facing 15 years in prison for tax evasion), as Snooki has some serious issues to face when she gets back home.

Jionni LaValle with Snooki

For several weeks now, reports that Snooki and Jionni LaValle are headed for divorce have been circulating non-stop on social media.

Insiders claim that Snooki and Jionni are living separate lives and have spent much of the past year simply going through the motions of a happy marriage.  

“Snooki and her husband have been having problems in their marriage,” an insider tells Life & Style.

The source adds that Snooki “thinks that Jionni is very controlling and that he doesn’t want her to work. He wants a housewife, not a working mom.”

Snooki hasn't spoken publicly about her alleged marital issues, but Jionni recently let loose in an Instagram tirade that left fans feeling perplexed.

Snooki's Birthday Party

Apparently, LaValle wrote the post while his wife was packing for Miami.

Jionni admitted that he was upset with his wife's decision to leave home for an extended period of time, but he also--somewhat confusingly--claimed that all is well in their marriage. 

"Hey guys, I'm going to visit this subject one time and one time only so....... My wife is filming a scene packing up and leaving for her new show and I AM CHOOSING TO NOT be on TV because I simply DO NOT like it," LaValle wrote.

"You will not see me on her reality show. Being a reality star was never something I wanted to be when I grew up," he added.

"We ARE not divorced. For the HATERS I hope this message finds you and confuses you even more about life and for the FANS of my wife and her show... I got your back!!!"

Snooki, Jionni LaValle Picture

One insider says the real cause of Jionni's anger is the fact that Snooki made the decision that he should stay home with the kids while she gets paid to party with her friends.

“She sees Jersey Shore as her show, and he came in after it began She doesn’t need or want him with her," says the source.

The fact that Snooki has hooked up with Vinny Guadagnino and also has a complicated history with Sorrentino probably isn't helping Jionni to relax.

No word yet on when Family Vacation will air.

But you can bet Jionni will be watching intently.

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