Jill Duggar Wears "F--k Me" Outfit to Wedding, Fans Lose Their S--t

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Jinger Duggar has won raves for wearing shorts, pants and other traditionally non-Duggar fashion choices since she got married.

She may have some familial competition, though.

Jill Duggar Piercing

At a wedding last Saturday, Jill Duggar sported an ensemble that included high heels - and Instagram followers lost their minds.

Jill's good friend Rachel (above) tied the knot in Texas, and both she and husband Derick Dillard were on hand for the nuptials.

What Jill wore to the special occasion may not have stood out much, or even at all, in certain crowds. But among Duggar fans? 

You could say this was a major head-turner.

Her little black dress, cut above-the-knee, and gold high heels - a cut-out design with a skinny heel - drew quite a response.

Jill Duggar Rocks Gold Shoes

"Sexy shoes Jill!” remarked one fan, while another wrote to Derick, “Your wifey looks so HOT!!! GOD BLESS U TWO!!!”

The outfit in question is seen above. SO hot. 

While there were many more positive reactions, these are the Duggars we're talking about, so there were detractors as well.

Not everyone was happy with Jill's attire, as it deviates somewhat from the family's famously conservative, pious dress code.

“Those shoes look like she borrowed them from a stripper,” wrote one hater who's apparently never seen a real strip club.

The Duggar Women

“Do you always let your conservative wife wear f--k-me pumps?” another Instagram follower crudely asked Derick Dillard.

F--k me pumps? Think that's what she's going for here?

Granted, it's not a look typically seen on one of the Duggar girls, but is it really so eye-popping or offensive to conservative sensibilities?

Derick might have been thinking about that, but the idea that this screams "f--k me" to strange men wary of temptation?

Might be a tiny stretch. Sorry for that gross imagery of what goes on in Derick Dillard's mind. Let's just move on now.

Some also took issue with the pumps for a different reason, criticizing Jill and Derick's lavish lifestyle, but that's a separate conversation.

Duggar fans are keenly aware that the girls don't wear pants, ever, and even dresses this short are something of a rarity.

Their footwear policies are slightly less clear, though.

Michelle Duggar said in 2015 that one of her rules is to “never wear a heel,” though this may have been more of a personal preference.

“I just can’t do heels,” she said in that interview.

In any case, it's Jill's choice - or more accurately, her husband's. Once they're married off, Jim Bob no longer calls the shots.

Jinger, Jill and Derick

Jinger, the first Duggar daughter to wow fans by stepping out in unconventional attire, offers a case study in this transition.

In the 15 months since she got married, she's been rocking jeans, shorts and other looks that were previously unfathomable.

Because her husband Jeremy Vuolo is less concerned about this rule and says that she can wear pants, she may do so.

Whatever you think about the fact that Jeremy had to be involved in the decision, he's all for it, and Jinger has embraced this.

Jill's husband likely gave this the okay too.

Jill Duggar: Wearing Pants In a School!

Jill recently followed in Jinger’s footsteps when she was spotted wearing pants (above) at a recent speaking engagement.

Many believe that the positive response to Jinger’s new look had everything to do with Jill’s decision to embrace the same.

As for Jill Duggar's nose piercing, even Jinger hasn't taken it that far ... there's also been chatter about Jill getting a tattoo.

In any event, daring to try something different with her look is something the majority of Duggar fans seem to embrace.

Check out more of their raciest looks below!

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