Facebook Selfie Killer Convicted After Posing With Murder Weapon

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We're not usually in the advice of giving advice to murderers, but if you're going to kill someone, you might not want to pose in a selfie with your victim.

And you definitely don't want for that selfie to also feature the murder weapon.

Cheyenne Antoine and Brittney Gargol, Pre-Murder Selfie

One such selfie was part of what led to Cheyenne Antoine's arrest, conviction, and sentencing for the murder of her friend.

Can you spot the murder weapon?

Cheyenne Antoine (left) posted this selfie with Brittney Gargol (right), a photo posted to Facebook on March 15, 2015.

Just hours before Brittney's life was snuffed out forever.

In the photo, Cheyenne can be seen wearing a belt.

It is the same belt that police believe that Cheyenne, now 21 years old, employed to murder her 18-year-old friend.


In March of 2015, Brittney Gargol's body was found by the side of the road near a landfill in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The belt was discovered near her body.

According to the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Cheyenne employed multiple attempts to mislead investigators, including lengthy Facebook posts about being worried about her friend's whereabouts.

Cheyenne originally claimed that she and her friend Brittney parted ways during the night, with Brittney leaving with an unidentified man.

Meanwhile, Cheyenne said that she herself had gone to see a friend and then gone to visit her uncle.

Brittney Gargol

In reality, investigators came to believe that Cheyenne, under the influence of alcohol, murdered her friend -- strangling her with her belt.

To be fair, the murder and the Facebook selfie weren't Cheyenne's only mistakes.

Police were tipped off by a friend who said that Cheyenne had drunkenly confessed to the killing.

Apparently Cheyenne and Brittney had gotten into an argument, and a drunk Cheyenne had ended up taking her friend's life.

Between that and photographic evidence linking Cheyenne, Brittney, and the belt, police were able to identify the killer.


Cheyenne Antoine pleaded guilty and has now been sentenced to 7 years in prison.

In addition to expressing remorse, Cheyenne appears to be haunted by her inability to explain what happened to Brittney Gargol's family.

Attorney Lisa Watson, speaking to reporters, said of Cheyenne:

"She knows the family would like an explanation, a reason, but unfortunately she cannot provide that."

The crime was thoroughly senseless, even to the killer.

Brittney Gargol Murder Site

Watson also mentions that Cheyenne was clearly dealing with personal issues, as well as substance abuse issues, which contributed to the homicide.

That much is clear, though we haven't read anything that would qualify as an excuse for the murder.

Brittney Gargol surely deserved to live.

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