Chelsea Houska Changes Daughter's Name, Visitation Schedule with Adam Lind

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One of the most adorable kids in the entire Teen Mom universe has got to be Aubree Lind, right?!

(Actually, we don't feel comfortable ranking the adorableness of the kids, because they are all as precious as can be, but let's just go with it.)

Chelsea Houska Aubree Shower

Aubree is smart, sassy, funny, and so very, very cute. She's a great big sister to Watson, and it's clear from watching Teen Mom 2 that she's a super sweet kid.

But there's one thing that she's not these days ...

And that's a Lind.

Yep, after years of talking about it, Chelsea Houska has finally made it happen: she's gone to court to change Aubree's name!

Last month, we discussed how Chelsea and Adam had a court date to go over the name change and a new visitation schedule, and that date was last week.

Chelsea Houska Aubree Cole DeBoer Pic Fourth July

According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the judge agreed to the name change, and now Aubree's last name has gone from Lind to Lind-DeBoer.

As for the visitation issue ... well, that's a little more complicated.

If you've been keeping up with Adam for the past year or so, ever since he officially quit filming for Teen Mom 2, you know that things haven't been that great for him.

Back in the spring, he failed a court-ordered drug test after having been found with a "substantial" amount of meth in his system.

The drug test was done shortly before a scheduled weekend with his youngest daughter, Paislee -- meaning that he very well could have been high around his kids.

Adam Lind Shows Off His Tattoos

In addition to the drugs, Adam's been arrested multiple times on domestic violence charges in the past few months.

His ex-girlfriend has even said that he's not only been violent towards others - he's also threatened to kill himself more than once.

He's obviously not doing well in any sense, right?

Still, according to his agreement with Chelsea, he got visits with Aubree every other weekend. The visits took place at his parents' home, where they supervised.

Yeah, as of this latest court date, that's not happening anymore.

Adam Lind and Aubree Photo

Now, Adam will only be allowed to see Aubree at an actual visitation center. She'll still go see his parents, but it'll only be once a month.

Adam will not be permitted to be around for those visits.

A source claims that "Adam's parents were not happy about the changes made," and that "they are very upset."

Which is weird, because you'd think they'd be upset about their son being a violent meth addict, not about the court doing something to protect their granddaughter from that.

It seems that even Adam himself wasn't all that upset about the new changes. He reportedly agreed to everything without anyone even having to testify.

Adam Lind and His Daughters

And if you'd be curious to see an Adam who's actually easy to deal with, don't worry -- MTV cameras were there in the courtroom.

The source says that "This was the first time Chelsea and members of the production crew have seen Adam in a long time, and they were shocked by his appearance."

"He has lost a lot of weight, and appeared pale with dark circles under his eyes. He did not look like he's in a good place."

Apparently Adam didn't hang around after the hearing at all, but during the hearing, "He told the judge that he currently has no job and hasn't worked anywhere in a year."

"He also confirmed that he has no vehicle."

While it's upsetting to see Adam in such a terrible place, it's wonderful that Chelsea has full custody of Aubree as of right now.

Also, it looks like the next season of Teen Mom 2 is shaping up to be pretty darn juicy ...

UPDATE: A report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup reveals how the couple told the little girl about the exciting decision:

"They surprised her with a cake that had 'Aubree Lind-DeBoer' on it," and "Aubree was so thrilled and it was adorable."

You know who was less than thrilled?

A guy who will remain nameless, but has never been thrilled about much of anything in life, and who also enjoys meth.

According to insiders, while Adam didn't fight the name change, he is "not happy" about this recent turn of events, either.

Even though he has only himself to blame for it, being a violent, hateful, inept derelict of society, but eh, whatever, right?

Those familiar with the case say that Chelsea isn't trying to spite Adam, but acting out of concern for her daughter's safety.

The mom of two was said to be holding out hope that Lind would change his ways, and gave him many chances to do so.

She's just finally resigned to the fact that when it comes to being a better parent and person, he's making no effort.

“He has the potential to be a good dad when there aren’t obstacles in his way,” a source recently told Radar Online.

That's very fair, but giving him too much credit.

At the end of the day, unfortunately, "all that matters though is his actions and his effort and it’s just not there."

"He only works on his cars and sleeps a lot.”

Sounds about right for that ne'er-do-well.

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