Woman Drugs Boyfriend, Slices Off Penis, Has No Regrets

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According to multiple outlets, a woman in the the Dominican Republic has been arrested for drugging her boyfriend and then slicing off his penis while he lay unconscious.

Local police say the incident took place in a cabin in the city of Puerto Plata.

It followed an intense argument between 44-year old Samuel Ventura Garcia and 28-year old Johanny Diaz.

After arguing about the future of their relationship, Diaz allegedly slipped an unspecified substance into her boyfriend's drink or food... waited until he passed out as a result... and chopped off his genitalia.

The Sun writes that Diaz proceeded to flee the scene, but was eventually apprehended by the Dominican Republic National Police.

After being placed under arrest, Diaz apparently confessed to the crime.

She added that she didn't regret what she had done because she was the victim of mistreatment by Garcia, who was somehow forcing her to be with him.

This is a photo of Diaz:


“I do not regret it because he threatened many times to kill me," Diaz told reporters.

Garcia, meanwhile, was taken to a nearby hospital where he underwent treatment for his pain and for his wound.

He was later transferred to a private health care center in order to undergo "microneurovascular reimplantation" of his penis in an attempt to attach it once again.

If this procedure is unsuccessful, Garcia will need to be transported again to a different facility for further opinions and options.

This is a photo of Garcia:


To many Americans, this story will remind them of John and Lorena Bobbitt.

Back in June of 1993, Lorena alleged that her then-husband forced himself on her.

After John fell asleep, she grabbed a kitchen knife and cut off his penis from its base. She then tossed it out her car window while driving away.

Bobbitt actually called the police herself after having some remorse over her actions.

A search party tracked down the penis and it was reattached to John after a nine-hour surgery.

Reports indicate it never fully worked again, however.

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