Tiffany Thornton Shares Heartbreak of Recent Miscarriage

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Tiffany Thornton has taken to Instagram and opened up about something both very personal and also very painful:

The actress recently suffered a miscarriage.

Tiffany Thornton on Instagram

The 31-year old, best known for roles on Sonny with a Chance and So Random!, shared this sad news on her social media account earlier this week.

She wrote in detail about what happened on Christmas, using the holiday to connect with fans and help other women in her situation know they aren't alone.

She even did so mere hours after suffering the tragedy.

And she opened her post by referencing God and her faith, simply writing "Transparency = Testimony" before adding:

"When King Agrippa asked Paul what he had to say for himself to convince the King to spare his life, he responded with all he had: his testimony.

"He had no riches to offer, no land, no persuasion even. Simply his testimony. In this same way I feel led to share MY testimony with those who will listen so I can give others hope through tough times in their lives.

"Some people would say I shouldn't share so many intimate details about my life but if I don't use the platform God has given me to tell about His unfailing love and grace in my life then what is the whole point of the platform in the first place?"

Makes you think, doesn't it?

Thornton wrote this caption (above and below) alongside the picture/quote posted here:

Tiffany Thornton prayer

Continued the actress:

So today I am going to be incredibly transparent as I ask for prayers. In the early hours of this morning I miscarried a 5 week pregnancy.

I was always the person that thought this wouldn't happen to me. Until it did. I'm still in a bit of shock about it but there is one thing I know: God has His hand of protection over me and my husband and children AT ALL TIMES.

And I know it was a form of His protection to only my body to carry this tiny blessing for 5 weeks.

Thornton lost her husband in a car crash two years ago and got remarried in October.

She has two sons, Kenneth and Bentley.

Tiffany Thornton, Son

This is how she concluded her emotional story on Instagram:

I am grateful that I wasn't further along in the pregnancy. I am grateful that I didn't end up having a child who would suffer once born.

I can't imagine a child in pain and no way for me to help them. I am grateful that my body does what it is supposed to do even in the most difficult situation.

And my heart breaks for any mom who has gone through a miscarriage. I have always wanted to be a mom, no matter what challenges that would bring. And I know, just like this picture, that there is always something beautiful and bright after a dark spot in life.

So I will persevere and continue on in hope that the Lord will eventually fulfill our desire for another baby. I'll go ahead and thank you all now for the prayers as I know they will be coming in like a flood.

As you read this I don't want you to feel sorry for me but rather feel emboldened to share your mistakes, hurts and truths to others so that they can see God through u.

My fans + followers: you are more than that to me. You are family. The body of Christ and my equals. And I love each of you. Thank you for loving me too.

As you can see below, Thornton isn't alone, either.

Plenty of female stars have also suffered a miscarriage.

Our hearts go out to each of them and to Thornton, as well.

We salute and applaud her for opening up in this manner and we wish her and her family well.

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