The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 11 Recap: Fauxpology

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Siggy Flicker and Margaret Josephs are never going to be friends, and it's great for our viewing pleasure. 

When The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Episode 11 got underway, we found out that Siggy decided to continue the trip because she allegedly wanted to be there for her friends. 

Melissa, who is still one of the most delightful housewives in the franchise, decided it would be a good idea to get Danielle and Siggy together to assess the damage. 

“I just feel like Margaret has been very insensitive with me,” Siggy said while trying to hold back the tears. Oh yes, Soggy Flicker is back, you guys. 

“I gave her an opportunity to say, ‘Yeah, maybe that was in poor taste,’” Siggy added of the Hitler comment. 

The ladies quickly moved on from the chat to enjoy their day out which involved them cycling around the streets of Milan before indulging in some wine in a park.

Dolores, Margaret and Teresa went to some Italian dude's house to learn how to make pasta from flour and egg. The ladies really are trying to throw every Italian stereotype into this trip. 

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Teresa was tasked with slicing and dicing some meat, and it was like she was taking her rage out on Joe Giudice for getting her put in jail. They could not use the mean because the wood on the surface below was mixed through. 

When it was time for dinner, the ladies assembled, and it was evident Margaret was done playing nice. She did not want to associate with Siggy, and things got awkward at the dinner table. 

Melissa pulled Margaret aside because she could tell there was something wrong. 

"I’m trying to make sure you’re OK,” Melissa said as she checked on her new pal. Margaret admitted that she felt bad for what she said and she headed back to the table to apologize. 

“I never knew that would hurt you to the core and if I did, I never would have said it,” Margaret said to Siggy. “I never want to hurt you. I’m sorry.”

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Siggy did not acknowledge the fact that Margaret apologized. This was yet another instance in which Siggy's complicated personality came to the forefront. 

While the other ladies agreed that Margaret took the first step, Siggy admitted to the camera that she was just not ready to speak. 

“You just don’t get over a comment like that within 24 hours,” Siggy said proving once again that she will hold this grudge to the death. 

After one final day of being apart, the ladies had one last meal in Italy, but this one was contained in a private room in the hotel. They were very likely barred from everywhere because of the fight on the first night. 

“Last night you gave me a heartfelt apology that was sincere, and I thank you for that. I need time to process that. I’m still upset. I don’t think anybody should reference Hitler,” said Siggy. 

“I said I was sorry. Do you genuinely feel I am anti-Semitic?” Margaret questioned. 

Margaret Josephs

“Where I came up with that was not out of the sky. All of these moments of me feeling attacked by Margaret and then the Hitler statement, that’s where it came from – but if I hurt your feelings, then I apologize for that,” Siggy replied.

“I’m trying to take it the best way I possibly can,” Margaret said with a shrug. “Listen, I know that you’re trying to apologize, but it’s not about that you hurt my feelings. It’s about that you aligned me with a hate group.”

“That’s relationship-ending, career-ending.”

“Listen I said it in the heat of the moment, but I don’t really think that you are anti-Semitic,” Siggy finally admitted. “I don’t believe that Margaret is anti-Semitic. I believe that Margaret is anti-Siggy.”

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Margaret took issue with the fact Siggy thought it was okay for herself to say stuff and got offended when others said it. 

“I think that everyone is human and if you give yourself a pass, you should give some other people a pass,” she concluded. 

What will become of these former friends? Will they both wave the white flag and move on? 

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