Teacher Accused of Sex With Minor, Lewd Snapchats

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So much of our recent focus has been on famous men (and a few famous women)  who use their power, wealth, and influence to act as sexual predators and get away with it.

But the vast majority of sexual predators work normal jobs. And yes, some of them are women. And some of their victims are minors.

Like this 28-year-old teacher who's been arrested after allegedly having sex with an underage student and sending him lewd Snapchats. Gross.

Alyssia Reddy Mugshot

A woman named Alyssia Reddy has been fired from her job teaching at a girls' school in Maryland based upon allegations that she had sex with a student at a previous job.

Earlier this year, Reddy was employed as an English teacher at Pennington School, a private Methodist-based college-preparatory institution that is located in New Jersey.

(A lot of us are more used to hearing about these kinds of things happening at public schools. Keep in mind that there are fewer public schools, and that private institutions have a much easier time quietly covering up the story)

It is alleged that, during the spring of this year, she engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old boy that resulted in the two of them having sex outdoors.

Alyssia Reddy Yearbook

According to the allegations, Reddy first gave this student her phone number.

On its own, that's not so outlandish -- some students need contact information to get in touch with their teachers. Though email is more common and considered more appropriate, sometimes it's a phone number.

(I once had a teacher call my house right before report cards to let me know that if I did a short online extra credit assignment, I was already close enough that it would boost me up to an A)

In this case, though, Reddy's interest was apparently anything but professional.

She's said to have given him her number in December of 2016. 

According to investigators, this eventually led to Reddy adding the student on Snapchat and beginning to send him inappropriate messages, expressing a sexual interest in him.

According to the affidavit, one message read: "I want your hands on me."

Alyssia Reddy

Some time during the spring, it's alleged that Reddy showed up "unexpectedly" while the minor student was at a friend's house, drove him to a Pennsylvania nature preserve, where she climbed on top of him, pulled down her pants, and proceeded to have sex with him.

It is not clear whether she actively took him across state lines at any point (for obvious reasons, the student and the student's friend and their home addresses have not been disclosed).

If so, we imagine that the FBI could be involved.

It appears that the minor student is cooperating with investigators in his own statutory rape.

While it doesn't ultimately matter, because it's always the adult's responsibility to turn down a minor's advances, it also appears -- based upon these reports -- that the teacher imitated things at every step of the way.

Alyssia Reddy has been arrested by the Solebury Township Police Department in Pennsylvania and fired by the Maryland school that was employing her.

Many statutory rape cases end in plea bargains, simply because few are eager to force a minor to recount their own sex abuse in court.

That said, we don't know how this one will turn out, but we don't expect to see Alyssia Reddy back in the classroom. Ever again.

Can people please stop being creeps?

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