Tyga: I Got Kylie Jenner Drunk on a Yacht and Filmed a Sex Tape With Her!

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Tyga's infamous relationship with Kylie is at an end, but that doesn't mean that Kylie's stopped being Tyga's ticket to fame.

The makeup mogul and soon-to-be mom was and is the only reason that anyone knows who the alleged rapper is.

Kyga on Vacation

Tyga clearly knows that, because his lyrics are clearly all about Kylie.

And Tyga is dropping bombshells about their former sex life -- using his lyrics to brag about filming a sex tape with Kylie.

Tyga, the creepy 27-year-old who started dating Kylie when she was just a minor and he was a grown-ass adult no-name rapper, has a new song called "Nigga Wit Money."

That's an odd title, not only because only black people can say the full title aloud, but also because Tyga's money troubles have been very widely reported.

Let's take a look at some of these charming lyrics, in which Tyga brags about having made a sex tape with the teenage reality star.

"Pour up and then we make a porn (mm mm mm) / Go on and back it up (mm mm mm)"

A Kiss for Tyga

Assuming that "pour up" is referring to alcohol, drinking ages in Europe make a lot more sense than they do in the US.

But enough drinking might interfere with someone's ability to consent to be in porn.

"Made a movie, we shot it in France / I did it cause I can b---h we was in Cannes (mm mm mm)"

He rhymed "France" with "Cannes" but, honestly, Kyga's rhyme schemes are the least of his wrongdoings.

The translation is that, as was already rumored to be the case, Tyga and Kylie apparently recorded a sex tape on a yacht, even though they could have been spotted.

"I’m a nigga with money / I’m a nigga with money and I don’t need that b---h (mm mm mm)"

Kylie and Tyga Look Weird

Weird that he says that he doesn't need Kylie while clearly exploiting her name and fame to bring more attention to his atrocious music.

Just like he did when they were dating.

What a class act.

It's been reported that Tyga enjoys making these sex tapes with no plans to distribute them.

They're filmed from his point of view, and we guess that they're designed to both spice things up in the moment and then allow him to creepily relive his sexploits ... even after his breakups.

Consensual sex tapes are all fine and well, but here are a few things that have always made us queasy about the rumored Kyga sex tapes:

One, Tyga is so much older than Kylie and, again, they started dating when Kylie was still a minor. This wasn't an age difference of a few years, folks.

Tyga was 24. She was underage.

(Let's hope, for decency's sake and perhaps even for Tyga's, that Tyga didn't turn on the camera until Kylie hit that 18 year milestone)

Two, the inherent inequality of one partner doing the filming, as Tyga is said to do, is a little one-sided and speaks to an unequal power dynamic.

(Which kind of goes hand-in-hand with the creepy age difference)

Three, their breakup was not friendly. We all guessed that it was less than amicable, but if Tyga is writing about Kylie and calling her a b---h in his lyrics, that seems like confirmation that they're not on great terms.

And there's something else, too.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga in Costa Rica

We absolutely hate to mention this, but ... remember Tyga's super gross foot fetish?

We do. It haunts our thoughts, driving us to madness.

See, Tyga speaks openly about it.

Apparently the first thing that he checks when he sees a girl are her lips, and the second thing is her toes.

(Thus, Kylie's habit of wearing shoes that expose her toes or only cover them with see-through materials)

So the fourth thing that makes us uneasy about Tyga's sex tapes is the very high probability that there's something somewhere that features Kylie's feet, front-and-center.

We're not trying to shame people with foot fetishes (well, maybe a little), but in the context of Tyga and everything in his relationship with Kylie, it's just extra unpleasant.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner at Fashion Week

Despite everything, we couldn't help but think of Tyga's kinks when he sings about how much he loves filming himself having sex.

"Nigga Wit Money," which again is an audience-limiting and comically ironic title, is part of Tyga's newly released Buggati Raw mixtape.

Since Kylie Jenner refuses to confirm her pregnancy until whatever grand reveal that she and Kris Jenner have planned, we somehow don't see her actively commenting on this.

But we have to wonder if Kim and Kanye are going to have an epiphany about how maybe Taylor Swift had a point about not wanting to be called a "b---h" in somebody's rap.

Probably not, though. People rarely see others, especially those with whom they're feuding, in the same light that they see their baby sister.

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