Sarah Hyland Fan Demands She Keep Sex Life Private; Actress Goes OFF on Instagram

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Remember how Sarah Hyland is dating Wells Adams, formerly a top pcontender on The Bachelorette? They make an adorable couple.

The Modern Family star only revealed their relationship in Halloween, and they're already getting hate over an "inappropriate" selfie that was.

Apparently, it was "too sexy."

Sarah Hyland and Boyfriend Wells Adams

You'll have to be the judge of that for yourself, but Hyland used the opportunity to school her haters based on the response she received.

Sarah laid out in no uncertain terms exactly what she will or won't (or can or can't) share on social media. She's such a gift.

Is the selfie above a little messy? Absolutely.

Do they appear to both be naked? Also yes.

(Note that Carl The Bloodhound, Wells Adams' dog, looks like he's the vessel for an ancient soul that's barely tolerating this.)

But this photo is totally Instagram-appropriate and, quite frankly, fine to share on social media. They're both beautiful adults being beautiful together.

So what's the issue?

Sarah Hyland in Sparkling SIlver

One of Sarah Hyland's "fans" decided that this was basically the worst thing that they'd ever seen and gave her grief about it.

And ... Sarah Hyland's response, shared to Twitter, is pretty epic.

"Hey guysssss. I'm explaining myself again! Aren't you so happy???? Isn't this what twitter is for???"

Our Spider-senses are picking up on some sarcasm already.

"Every now and then I'll go through my direct messages from you guys to see what you're saying and respond."

(Anything that stars with "every now and then" should be read in Bonnie Tyler's voice; just saying.)

Sarah Hyland goes on to explain how she would normally respond to DMs from fans.

Sarah Hyland in Burgundy

"Answer questions. Give advice. Or even just say hello."

She's sweet to do that for her fans, many of whom are young teens.

"But I woke up too early to go to work this morning and saw this. ..."

Sarah Hyland then includes a screencap of a decidedly unfriendly DM from a "fan," which reads:

"You can go out with whoever you want, but there are limits."

They mean with whomever, but that's the least of this message's problems.

"Do [you not] know that some private things, must stay private, and not be shared with the whole world."

Sarah Hyland Goes Blonde

Their punctuation is a mess, but they then elaborate, in case they were too subtle:

"KEEP YOUR SEXUAL LIFE PRIVATE, we do not necessarily need to know all the details of your personal life. S--T!!"


Generally speaking, Sarah Hyland has a lot to say. It's one of the things that we admire about her. 

And she responded, very publicly, explaining why she shared the direct message.

"Not putting her on blast. She just brought to my attention that that picture I posted might have been inappropriate since we're in bed."

There have been cases of famous people (often internet personalities rather than actors) deliberately inviting their fans to attack a critic online.

This is not that.

Sarah Hyland Emmys Dress

"So I just have to say I'm so sorry ... FOR POSTING AN ADORABLE PICTURE BECAUSE CARL WAS ACTING LIKE THE NUGGETIEST SNUGGLE BUG! Couldn't let that moment pass without getting a picture."

Again, Carl The Bloodhound is adorable we're not entirely sure that he's not an ancient sorcerer. Look at those eyes again. A dog leery of the camera or some wizened soul robbed of the power of speech? You decide.

"The only things I share about my [life] with you all is through Instagram and Twitter. I do want my privacy. Especially in relationships."

Again, she didn't really share anything about their sex life or whatever. She just posted a photo from bed. Snuggling a dog.

"I've made the mistake in the past on being way too open and talking way too much about them. This time is different. It’s special. And I will share what I [deem] 'appropriate’' on social media because I still want you all to be updated. Because you guys are the greatest fans in the world."

She's so sweet.

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland, Funny Pic

"I even hate saying fans ... because you're people. You're people who have had chronic illnesses, eating disorders, [troubled] family situations that 'Modern Family' helps you get through. People who share their stories with me and I love you all for that."

You don't often think of celebrities being this conscious of their fans, but she is. Good for her.

"So thank you for always [being] so wonderful. However... this relationship's tea will only be spilled on social media... for now. Cause never say never and I don't want to be reminded in the future that I'm a 'hypocrite.' Ok. Gotta get ready for work. I LOVE YOU ALL!"

And she wasn't quite done, though.

A little while later, Sarah Hyland tweeted a follow-up:

"ONE MORE THING! I just realized I'm being criticized for being naked... which you don’t even know if I am! You can barely see any skin but it's ok for Instagram models to roll around in the sand ACTUALLY naked?"

Sarah Hyland with Boyfriend Dominic Sherwood

It sounds like she's talking about some very specific photos, right?

"(I mean I'd post that too if I looked like that.)"

Sarah Hyland is gorgeous but even the most beautiful celebrities often look at someone else and wish that they looked like that.

"My point is don't be hypocrites. Either be conservatives on all fronts or FREE THE NIPPLE."

That's a little goofy, though they could both easily be wearing pants. (Though why would you wear pants in your own bed?)

People should give Sarah Hyland a break. 

If you don't like what she posts, don't follow her.

(That's a good rule in general, unless someone's a Nazi or posting about naked children or whatever ... that's a bigger deal)

But she used this bit of hate mail as a teaching opportunity. Instead of just shutting down a prude, she talked about how she can share or not share whatever she wants.

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