Leah Messer: Did MTV Put Her Children In Danger?!

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Like many of her co-stars, Leah Messer has complained about MTV extensively during her time as one of the stars of Teen Mom 2.

But for the most part, her grievances have had to do with the show being edited in such a way as to give viewers a false impression of what transpired.

Now, however, Leah has a much more serious gripe, and it has to do with the safety and well-being of her three daughters.

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A recent episode of Teen Mom 2, featured a shot of a school bus that carried Leah's children.

As several viewers pointed out, the identification number of the bus was not blurred and was plainly visible in the shot.

It's standard practice for the show's editing team to obscure license plate numbers or other identifying marks on vehicles.

While the bus' plates were not visible, the number painted on the back and sides of the bus would be sufficient for an obsessed fan to track down Leah's kids and trail their bus to school.

Like we said, this goes well beyond the usual editing complaints, and we hope Leah's TM2 bosses are taking the complaint very seriously.

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Thankfully, fans were quick to call attention to the error.

"I was watching @TeenMom and they showed your daughter’s bus number.. @MTV THAT IS NOT OK!" one viewer tweeted, adding:

"As a parent myself, I would not want random people knowing my child’s bus number! #scaryworldoutthere."

Leah was quick to respond, assuring the fan that she will take steps to ensure nothing like that happens again:

"That’s not okay and will look into it. They’re not suppose to show numbers/letters or anything."

"I hope and pray for your family’s safety and whoever shot that part of the scene gets reprimanded," the viewer replied.

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The most recent Teen Mom 2 season finale showed Leah sending all three of her daughters off to school for the first time.

It was a moment of bittersweet joy in a life for a mom who's seen her share of hard times.

Here's hoping fame and the obsessive nature of TM2's fan base don't intrude on Leah and her family's newfound contentment.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the bumpy road that led Ms. Messer to where she is today.

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