Kim Kardashian: Criticized For Sexy Photo Shoot With Copy of Lolita

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At this point in her career, risqué photo shoots from Kim Kardashian are about as newsworthy as regrettable Donald Trump tweets.

We've seen Kim naked so many times she'd have to post an X-ray on Instagram to show us a new part of her anatomy.

But the selfie queen's latest pic is generating controversy for reasons that have little to do with Kim's attire--and everything to do with her choice of reading material.

That's a photo Kim tweeted earlier today, and at first glance, it's actually pretty tame, right?

A bit of sideboob, butt semi-obscured by a diaphanous membrane, bottles of champagne strategically arranged as if to say, "Hey, I don't spend all of my waking hours munching on un-dressed salads--just most of them."

Yes, this photo probably would've escaped notice and only resurfaced in the Library of America re-issue of Kim's book of selfies were it not for one minor but bizarre detail.

On the table in front of Kim rests a copy of Vladimir Nabokov's 1955 literary classic Lolita.

If you're familiar with either the book itself or Stanley Kubrick's 1962 film adaptation, then we probably don't have to tell you why some fans have taken issue with Kim's decision to use Lolita as a prop in a mildly suggestive social media pic.

Kim Kardashian with Weird Hair

The book tells the story of Humbert Humbert, a man who develops a sexual obsession with his 12-year-old stepdaughter, whom he eventually rapes.

Though it's one of the most highly-regarded novels of the 20th century, Lolita is a also a controversial work for obvious reasons.

So it's not surprising that Kim's careful placement of the title in her latest pic has raised some questions.

"The book tho," wrote one fan.

"Did someone read it to you?" commented another.

Obviously, the latter was meant as a snide remark, but the photo does lead one to wonder if Kim is familiar with the book's subject matter.

Kim Kardashian Simply Sizzles

With new allegations of rape and pedophilia in Hollywood surfacing every day, it's a bit of a strange time for a woman who will soon be a mother of two daughters to pose with a novel that contains sex scenes involving a grown man and a 12-tear-old girl.

Some fans are concerned by the fact that the photo was posted not long after Kim appeared on Ellen and revealed that she's having difficulty coming up with a name for her third child--a daughter, whom Kim says will be born "soon."

“We’re freaking out. We have no name," Mrs. Kardashian-West told the host.

Might Kim and Kanye actually be considering Lolita West as a name for their forthcoming bundle of joy?

It has a ring to it, but it seems like the kind of name a grown woman should choose for herself--possibly while wearing a pair of clear heels.

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