Johnny Depp: Drunk and Disorderly on the Red Carpet?!

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Johnny Depp's public image has taken quite a beating over the past year. 

The man who used to be Hollywood's most beloved weirdo is now viewed by many as an unstable, abusive alcoholic.

Johnny Depp Premiere Photo

The rumors of Depp routinely crossing the line while hammered have been circulating for years, but many attributed the reports to fans confusing Jack Sparrow with the actor who portrayed him.

Unfortunately, these days, there's plenty of reason to believe Depp always knows the location of the nearest barrel of rum.

The revelations began during Depp's messy divorce from Amber Heard, who alleged that the 54-year-old often became abusive during drinking binges.

Shortly thereafter, Johnny was sued by his management team, and court documents included a number of wild accusations, including the claim that Depp spends $30,000 a month on wine.

Understandably, Depp's been keeping a low profile lately, but over the past week, he's been forced to emerge from his '47 Bordeaux coma long enough to promote Murder on the Orient Express.

Johnny Depp Red Carpet Image

Not surprisingly, there have been reports that Depp hasn't exactly been tee-total on during interviews and red carpet events.

Over the weekend, Johnny was in London for the film's UK premiere and witnesses say he was barely able to stand upright while posing for photographers.

According to The Sun, Depp's bender began the night before the premiere:

“Johnny was having big old night and was told off for smoking three times while inside," one insider tells the tabloid.

"He was annoyed people were staring at him too. But on the night of the premiere, he was in a strange mood and everyone thought he’d been drinking.”

Johnny Depp: Murder on the Orient Express

The source adds that Depp was heard lamenting his split from Heard, as well as the subsequent damage to his reputation.

“You can see why there are still some serious fears about his well-being," the tipster claims.

Obviously, reports of this nature from UK tabloids are to be taken with several grains of salt, but photos from the event do show Depp looking a little unsteady on his feet.

Maybe he's still sporting sea legs from his last outing as Captain Jack.

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