Dr. Drew: Criticized For Idiotic Jenelle Evans Comments

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As usual, there was drama aplenty at the taping of the annual Teen Mom 2 reunion show last month.

And predictably, much of the turbulence centered around the Carolina Hurricane herself, Jenelle Evans.

But remarkably, it's not Jenelle that viewers are most pissed at after watching the special, but rather the reunion's milquetoast host, Dr. Drew Pinksy.

The Terrible Doc

Now, Drew is no stranger to saying dumb things on television.

At this point in his career, idiocy is pretty much his calling card.

But the good doctor's latest slip-up is interesting in that it's both boneheaded and imminently understandable.

Allow us to explain:

While speaking with Jenelle's long-suffering mother, Barbara Evans, 

Jenelle on Set

Predictably, the fan reaction on social media was not favorable:

"Dr. Drew is so bogus it’s sickening,” one viewer tweeted.

“You don’t refer to abuse & controlling behavior as a good way to contain a woman. You’re supposed to be a professional. Act like one.”

“Dr. Drew saying she needs someone ‘to contain her’ is just twisted. She’s not a zoo animal," commented another.

"Is 'Dr' Drew seriously implying that Barb is the bad guy here?? And David is only trying to protect and *contain*Jenelle???" asked a third.

Now, that was undeniably a poor choice of words on Pinksy's part, and he should be chastised for saying what he said.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans, NOT Touching Her "Baby Bump"

But for context, let's review Jenelle's behavior during the taping:

Things got off to a rocky start when the Evans-Easons went hard at the pre-party, and the night came to a premature end due to David Eason drunkenly stabbing balloons in the lobby.

During the taping itself, Jenelle caused a brawl backstage when she attacked the girlfriend of her ex, Nathan Griffith.

Evans was not arrested for the assault, but if she had been, it would've brought her one step closer to the 20-mugshot mark, a milestone that usually eludes even the most self-destructive celebrities.

So yeah, Jenelle could probably use some sort of stabilizing influence in her life.

Jenelle Eason, David Eason

But it doesn't need to be a domineering man, and it's certainly not David Eason, who only appears to be exacerbating the situation.

So Dr. Drew just added his name to the list of dumbass dudes attempting to "fix" Jenelle and only making the situation worse.

These days, it's a mighty long list.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Jenelle's wildly tumultuous past.

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