Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins: Inside Their Romance!

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Caitlyn Jenner's romantic life remains a mystery, but she has been closely linked to a hot blonde 21-year-old.

Her much younger gal pal, Sophia Hutchins, is also a trans woman. But, until now, we didn't know that much about her.

But Sophia's mother is willing to talk about her daughter, Caitlyn, and their relationship.

Sophia Hutchins Mirror Selfie

Caitlyn and Sophia didn't announce their friendship so much as just ... allow people to find out.

They tend to crop each other out of photographs, but it's been abundantly clear that Cait and Sophia are spending a lot of time together.

Caitlyn has featured bits of Sophia's legs in a photograph of the sunset, which puts Sophia in Caitlyn's hotel room, lounging on her balcony.

And Sophia has been photographed multiple times with Caitlyn Jenner's dog and in Caitlyn Jenner's home.

Their bond isn't really a surprise.

Cait has been rejected by many members of the trans community because her self-serving political views and endorsements are seen as harmful to trans women and others.

(Caitlyn has praised the likes of Ted Cruz and openly endorsed Donald Trump. Sure, she regrets that now, but buyer's remorse isn't getting her a lot of sympathy or forgiveness from vulnerable minorities who are threatened by the Trump administration)

By definition, as a celebrity, Caitlyn is a representative of trans women -- but she is not representative of most trans women. She is a rich white celebrity.

But Sophia comes from a similar world to Caitlyn's, and even credits Caitlyn with inspiring her to go forward with her transition, something that she'd hesitated to do because she hadn't felt able to relate to other famous trans women.

Sophia Hutchins, Golden Gate Bridge

Speaking to RadarOnline, Sophia Hutchins' mother, Amy, refers to Caitlyn as being very "supportive."

Amy herself says that she's proud of her daughter for speaking publicly about her transition -- as Sophia shared the news in her university newspaper.

"It's pretty awesome," Amy said, praising her daughter's courage. "She's got a lot of guts. ... Caitlyn's got a lot of guts, too."

"Caitlyn has been a real supportive friend to her," Amy says, though also shooting down rumors that Caitlyn is paying for Sophia's current lifestyle.

That said, and despite Sophia's numerous photos from Caitlyn's home, Amy says that her daughter is not living with Caitlyn on a permanent basis.

Amy uses the word "friend" there, but that's not quite the same as a denial that there might be something more romantic going on between the two.

Sophia Hutchins

Adding further steam to the rumormill, Sophia Hutchins was spotted accompanying Caitlyn to Kendall Jenner's 22nd birthday party.

That seems like something a little beyond the normal boundaries of a totally platonic friendship, right?

And yet it's still nothing definitive.

Admittedly, the only thing more awkward than introducing your girlfriend to your daughters -- something to which many parents can relate -- would be introducing your girlfriend to your daughter who is older than she is.

Because Sophia is 21, folks.

The potential awkwardness of an encounter like that is almost enough to make us believe Caitlyn's representive's claim that Caitlyn and Sophia are not dating.

It's way easier to picture Caitlyn bringing a friend along.

Caitlyn Jenner in Shades

Caitlyn's relationship with many members of her family -- with the Kardashians, in particular -- has been strained lately.

Not because she's trans, but because of her book.

It turns out that writing a tell-all doesn't really endear you to the people you're spilling the beans over, even if you only talk about them in part of the book.

Who knew?

Is Caitlyn keeping Sophia close because she likes having a young, likeminded friend in her life?

Or ... is she building a new romance?

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