American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: Revenge

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Ally has been through the mill on American Horror Story Season 7, and it was time for her to get her own back on her twisted wife. 

When American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 9 got underway, Ally went nuclear on Ivy for being so cold with her. 

She then went to trash Winter, and responding as follows to her apology: “For what? For f–ing my wife, for driving me crazy, or for trying to kill me?”

The ladies continued to follow Kai's lead, and he tasked them all with doing the unthinkable: Committing suicide. They all wavered, but ultimately decided it was in their best interests to follow the leader. 

In an unsurprising move, there was no poison in the Kool-Aid and Kai had tried to assess whether the women were truly loyal to him. 

Sarah Paulson for FX

Ally and Ivy admitted it was time to run off from the cult and start a new life with their son, but Kai got to the kid first. 

That paved the way for the mother of all twists: Kai confirmed he was the kid's father and that he wanted to act like one for him. Yeah, because that's going to work out well. 

Kai is deluded and any spawn of his should probably be scared because they are going to be just as crazy as he is one day ... that's assuming they make it to adulthood. 

Billie Lourd on American Horror Story

Ally then got her ultimate revenge by poisoning her wife and sticking the knife in one last time. Just when it seemed like they were getting back together, Ally poisoned Ivy. 

It was a bat$hit crazy twist that even poor Ivy did not see coming. As her wife lay dying, Ally could not help but stick the knife in further. 

“I only want two things in this life: I want Oz all to myself, and I want to watch you die,” the scorned wife yelled at her dying former lover. 

Evan Peters on American Horror Story

Ally then took her deception to the fertility clinic and the receptionist confirmed Kai was most definitely not Oz's father. So, what did she do?

She got a brand new set of documents written up to say that the villain is the father. Would he really murder his own son? 

Probably, because he's Kai and he's the biggest villain on scripted TV right about now. 

Adina Porter as a Clown

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