American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: The End of the Line

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American Horror Story: Cult is the season that gave the veteran FX hit a facelift, and told the most coherent story of the entire series, but how did it all end?

When American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 11 got underway, Kai Anderson was starting a movement. The action picked up eleven months later, and he was in prison. 

His tactics to get people on his side continued to shine through, and he made his own little cult inside the walls of the prison. Even one of the guards, Gloria, got in on the action. 

Ally and Kai on American Horror Story

Kai took on one more person for his 16-person-strong cult, but there was something odd about the new addition. He looked strikingly similar to the cult leader. Did he have another trick up his sleeve?

The action moved back to the night Kai was arrested for his crimes. His cult meetings were now happening in Ally's house, and she and Beverly were preparing a meal. 

Kai was livid because Speedwagon went missing. He thought the man was the one who was going to tell the police on them. Ally opened up about murdering Speedwagon because he was working with the FBI. 

Apparently, his charges were getting wiped if he managed to bring the cult down. But, Ally sliced and diced the man before he could make a getaway, and this further solidified to Kai that he could trust Ally. 

Sarah Paulson at the Tonys

Ally waited until the night Kai was sending his men out to murder 100 pregnant women and let the FBI arrive to take them down. It worked, and a bloody shootout ensued, but Kai survived. 

That's why he ended up in prison to continue his movement. 

Meanwhile, Ally became a local celebrity and even moved on with a brand new girlfriend who she seemed a little too close to after just weeks of dating. But, the restaurant was booming because of all of the media attention. 

Beverly showed up and quizzed Ally about her part in everything. She then revealed that Kai admitted to all the charges aside from killing Ivy. Ally balked at the very notion of killing Ivy and gave a convincing face of sorrow. 

Ally received a phone call from Kai in which he said he was going to cut her up, piece by piece, but she laughed at him because she had sent him the file proving he was not Oz's birth father. 

Evan Peters for FX

She said that Kai's whole movement was a sham and that he had nothing to do with anything that was happening. Ally then took it to the media, saying she was running for Senate. 

That was enough to lure Kai out of hiding. He killed the prisoner who looked like him and took his face off to imply Kai was the deceased one. Gloria helped him escape the prison, and the cult went to Ally's debate. 

Kai tried to kill her, but Ally had the upper hand because his gun that Gloria provided was not even loaded. We quickly found out that Ally had wisened Gloria up to all of Kai's powerful techniques to get her on board. 

“You’re wrong. There is something in this world more dangerous than a humiliated man — a nasty woman,” Ally barked before Beverly appeared and blew Kai's brains out. 

Sarah Paulson for FX

Ally won the vote and became the Senate for Michigan, but was she ready to make some changes? Oz worried that his mother was becoming a twisted leader like Kai. 

Ally then put on the green robe Bebe passed down to her, confirming Oz's suspicions. Dark Ally is here to stay!

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