Adam Lind: Arrested for Domestic Assault!

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Look, we know that Adam Lind isn't a great guy, and we also know that that is a pretty massive understatement.

He's been accused of killing puppies. The guy's a monster.

Adam Lind Shows Off His Tattoos

But even though we're all very, very aware of his many issues, it's always a little shocking to hear of his ongoing shenanigans.

Though this time around, Adam is not so much into shenanigans as he is into committing actual crimes.

Violent crimes, even.

On Thursday night around 8:00, he was arrested and hauled off to the local county jail where he was held without bond. He was charged with domestic simple assault.

He has four counts against him: attempting to cause bodily harm, recklessly attempting to cause bodily harm, attempting to cause imminent bodily harm, and intentionally causing bodily harm.

We don't know who the victim was in all of this, but we do know that he pleaded not guilty in court on Friday morning.

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After his hearing, he was released on bond, but he'll have to return to court on December 21st.

Hopefully a good, long sentence for him will be the Christmas present we all deserve.

And really, jail time doesn't seem to be out of the question for him -- remember that whole meth debacle from earlier this year?

As part of his custody agreement, he has to take occasional drug tests, and in April, he failed one for having a "substantial" amount of meth in his system just hours before a visit with his youngest daughter, Paislee.

After that, his visitation rights were suspended for a while, at least his visitation with Paislee.

There's a chance Chelsea Houska could have gone to court as well to suspend his visits with Aubree, but if she did, it didn't last for long -- thanks to Teen Mom 2, we know that he at least spent Father's Day with her.

Adam Lind and daughter Aubree

Besides all the meth, we also know that Adam has fallen behind on his child support payments again, so much that Taylor Halbur took the matter to court in August.

He got so behind on the payments last year that two warrants were issued for his arrest -- one of Paislee, and one for Aubree.

So between the child support, the meth, all of his many, many previous arrests, and now the assault charges ...

Surely they'll be able to put him away this time.

Right? Please?

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