The Voice Recap: Another Four-Chair Turn?

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The Blind Auditions continued on the latest episode of NBC's hit series, The Voice. 

With limited spots on each of the teams up for grabs, it was becoming more difficult for potential singers to advance to the Battle Rounds of the competition series. 

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine on The Voice

Despite some true duds, there were some people who got through that truly deserved it. Yes, there were some who did not advance who probably should have, but singing is all very subjective. 

Let's run down the people who made the cut for the Battle Rounds. 

Adam Cunningham -  “Midnight Rider”

The 38-year-old started with a decent performance, but the judges were not sold until well into the performance. It's amazing how quickly a few notes can change the whole thing, and we witnessed that happen with Adam. 

Blake wanted him from the get-go, and Blake always gets what he wants. Adam joined his team. 

Hannah Mrozak - “Starving”

Hannah's brother committed suicide, and his wish before all of that was for her to audition for the show. She definitely has the vocal ability there. That was evident from her first performance. 

She made her way to Team Adam, but we have no idea at this stage whether he will be able to nurture her ability and make her into something better. 

Kathrina Feigh on The Voice

Shilo Gold -  “Stay With Me, Baby”

This 26-year-old has a solid voice, and it got Miley and Jennifer fighting over her. The Denver native ultimately went with Team Miley, and we could definitely see this working out in a big way. Go get 'em, Miley. 

Noah Mac - “Way Down We Go”

Noah is a 17-year-old who likes good music, and also likes to sing along to it. Like, it's difficult to find his vocal range in any of today's biggest singers. He is one to watch. Oh, and we should probably tell Liam Hemsworth that Miley is also one to watch. 

Miley did call Noah hot. Is this a talent competition or a beauty competition?

The Voice Season 13

Davon Fleming - “Me and Mrs. Jones” 

When someone comes on and says they are going to sing their face off, it usually paves the way for a horrific audition, but in Davon's case, it made Blake say "You're gonna be in the finale."

The performance was astounding and gave us all the feels, but Davon went with Team Jennifer. That's a wise move. 

Kathrina Feigh - “Big White Room”

There was something about Kathrina's opening performance that left a lot to be desired. It was underwhelming, and there were others who did not make a place that probably should have. 

Alas, Jennifer saw some potential and took her under her wing. 

Addison Agen - “Jolene”

This 16-year-old has parents who are very involved in music, so it made sense that it would run in the family. Her voice was great, and she is someone we could imagine making it far. 

She went with Team Miley, and that should be a good fit. 

Adam Pearce - “Hot-Blooded”

This was Adam's second time on the show. He previously appeared on Season 12 and was let go at his Blind Audition. This time, however, Adam noticed a marked improvement and snapped him up. 

The Voice Season 13 Coaches

Moriah Formica - “Crazy on You”  

This episode was filled with promising young singers, and 16-year-old Moriah was another solid option. Adam seemed a bit on the fence with her, but Miley knew a good singer when one was in her presence. 

That's a wrap, you guys. 

The Voice continues tonight on NBC!

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