The Flash Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Luck Be a Lady

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The residents of Central City were not amused when everything seemed to be going wrong for them. 

When The Flash Season 4 Episode 3 got underway, The Thinker revealed that Becky Sharpe was a casino dealer who found herself in a lot of awkward situations. 

The team learned that Becky was in town when she casually robbed a bank and managed to swindle a lot of people into thinking she was doing them a favor. 

Their issue with the whole meta side of things was that she arrived in town three years ago, so there would be no way she could be a meta.

With some digging, and the help of Harry Wells, everyone learned that Barry's return from the Speed Force kicked off a new wave of metas. This made things scary because of the prospect of all of the villains roaming around the streets of Central City. 

When Barry confronted Becky, she revealed that she felt like she was being rewarded for a life of bad things and that this luck was giving her a new lease on it. 

The Flash is in Trouble!

But, Becky then felt the need to return to the casino world to get as much money as she thought was necessary to remain happy. In the process, this destroyed the luck in the town. 

When the bad luck continued, S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator switched on, and it became apparent that an explosion was imminent. Harry opined that letting the thing explode would help them. 

It did, and Becky's good fortune was reversed, and that made her return to her former self, but will she return down the line to try and cause some more drama?

Flash Season 2 Suit

Something tells us we have not seen the last of her. 

Wally then appeared and revealed that they managed t press on without him. He was away trying to find a way to get Jesse to stay in a relationship with him. 

She wanted time apart to find out who she was and whether she could be in a relationship. With that, Wally said goodbye to his team because he needed some time away. 

He returned home to Blue Valley to recuperate, but could this be the end of Wally's tenure on the show? We have no idea. 

Harry then dropped the bomb that the samurai dude from the season premiere knew Barry's return would signal a new form of metas in town. 

The big twist came at the end when Cecile dropped the bomb on Joe that she was with child!

Yes, that came out of nowhere, so things were getting good in Central City again. 

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